We knew before our gender reveal party that we would want to know the sex of our baby before the party. Mathew and I went to the doctor’s office last Tuesday and held hands as the technician took measurements on our baby, got frustrated as he couldn’t get a profile shot that well for us, and then finally, told us that we were having a baby girl. Mathew and I had finally settled on a name the night before- Addison Olivia…or Addie for short. Although I’d thought our baby was a girl most of the pregnancy, I still wasn’t sure until the technician finally said it.

This gender reveal party is unlike any other with such special touches by The Vintage Modern Wife! With so many ideas, you'll want to pin them all.

Mathew and I had bought most of the supplies for our gender reveal party the weekend before- everything blue and pink. I’d seen enough Pinterest pictures to know that I wanted half and half of everything. Plus- once people start to know that YOU know the gender of your baby, they ask a LOT of questions and over-analyze EVERYTHING (like me wearing a pink top to work, even though it’s my favorite color and I wear it all the time). I figured going half and half would be our best bet. We bought plates, straws, napkins, tablecloths, and crepe paper rolls in pink and blue, but got clear plastic cups so our punch would shine through.

I also went through the insanely tedious task of making cascarones (aka confetti eggs) for our big reveal. My awesome friend, Jessica, at The Confetti Bar made me the most beautiful pink confetti to fill the eggs. I emptied about 3.5 dozen eggs, dyed them, let them dry overnight, filled them with my confetti, and then covered them with blue or pink tissue paper. Took forever…but it was totally worth it.

These confetti eggs with confetti from The Confetti Bar are perfect for a gender reveal party!

With the help of my mom, sister, and mother-in-law, we were able to get the party decorated at my in-laws’ house and all the food ready in just a couple hours. Here’s how it all turned out:

Love the set up of the entry table for The Vintage Modern Wife's gender reveal party using this old wives tales chalkboard, balloons, candy, and bows for guests to pick their guess of the gender!


I made this gender reveal chalkboard for our entryway and added a couple of balloons to brighten up the table. We also put candies for our guests, the cute block set we got our parents when we told them we were pregnant, and bows with safety pins on the back for our guests to wear their guess!

These gender reveal bows are perfect for guests to wear their guess at a gender reveal party!My bows were made by Honey Lane Paperie on Etsy for a few bucks and then I just hot glued the safety pins on the back. They were a little hard to put on because they were paper, but they served their purpose and guests thought they were cute.

I love this gender reveal table by The Vintage Modern Wife. The half blue and half pink decorations are so cute!I wish you could see the streamers in the background, but it was really hard to take a picture of this without it being dark on the table. As you can see- everything is half an half!

The pink side of this gender reveal able has pink onesie cookies from Sweet Elise bakery in Austin, Texas, pink deviled eggs, sandwiches and veggies, and plates with napkins. So cute!

The blue side of this gender reveal table has blue onesie cookies from Sweet Elise bakery in Austin, Texas, pink and blue cake pops, blue deviled eggs, candies, and plates with napkins. Perfectly simple!I really tried to keep the food simple for our gender reveal party. We made cake pops, blue and pink deviled eggs, chicken salad sandwiches, and a veggie tray. We also had blue and pink various candies and the sweetest onesie cookies you ever did see from Sweet Elise Bakery in Austin.

These onesie gender reveal cookies at The Vintage Modern Wife's gender reveal party from Sweet Elise bakery in Austin are adorable! I need them for my party!

I’m absolutely in LOVE with the onesie cookies from Sweet Elise bakery. Amy does incredible work (she also did our conversation heart inspired cookies in the pregnancy announcement photo shoot we took!) and everyone mentioned how cute and delicious they were. We aren’t in the Austin area, but luckily for us, she can ship cookies! She also makes other delicious treats like cakes, mini desserts, and cupcakes. The best part about these cookies were that she was able to gather inspiration from our invitation and just went from there. I’m honestly NEVER disappointed with her cookies. Ever. You better believe we’ll be asking her to make cupcakes for our baby shower if I have any say in it! If you’re not already drooling over her website, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Lastly, we made pink lemonade and regular lemonade (with blue food coloring of course!) to go with our pink and blue paper straws. I think they came out cute (and were soooo delicious).

Love The Vintage Modern Wife's idea to make pink and blue punch for a gender reveal party! Saving this for the recipe on her blog!

Of course, no party would be complete without a few selfies before the guests arrived, so my mom, sister, dad and I took a few! Here are my favorites:

Selfie before the big Vintage Modern Wife gender reveal


Selfie before the big Vintage Modern Wife gender revealAfter the guests arrived and mingled for an hour, we decided to do our big gender reveal with the confetti eggs. I posted a little snippet of our reveal on Instagram, so check it out here too if you missed it:

We announced to everyone that our baby was a GIRL and that we are naming her Addison Olivia.

Everyone was really excited (and some of our friends at the party offered to give us their baby girl clothes from their first baby because their second is going to be a boy. SCORE!) I honestly am so happy that we are having a sweet baby girl, although either way I would’ve been happy. I am so excited to shower this baby in PINK and lots of bows though! After the reveal, we all went inside to chat some more, enjoy a few more snacks, and then everyone went home.

No one took pictures of our actual reveal because we were all too concerned about breaking our eggs, so my sister took some great pictures of Mathew and I after our guests went home for the night. They’re my favorite!

The Vintage Modern Wife and her husband with their gender reveal confetti eggs
Dress: Grae Apparel, Gender Reveal Sash: Coralou’s Creations

The Vintage Modern Wife and her husband with their gender reveal confetti eggs


The Vintage Modern Wife and her husband crack their gender reveal confetti eggs


For the record- I almost killed Mathew after this picture. He SLAMMED his hand and egg on my head HARD. Note to others: when you’re cracking cascarones, be mindful of others. You can either gently hit the egg on their head, or you can crack it in your hand a little right above their head before your put it on their head. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re not in pain.

The Vintage Modern Wife had a great idea by using confetti eggs for her baby's gender reveal party! What a sweet picture and fun idea!


This gender reveal sash and confetti egg are the perfect way to be festive at a gender reveal party. Love this picture from The Vintage Modern Wife.All in all I think our party was a huge success despite a mishap or two. We had many friends come and several family members there to make our day really special. I am so happy to know that baby Addison has so many people that love her already!

What was your favorite thing about our gender reveal party?


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