We are officially over the hump, people! 22 weeks means we have 18 weeks (or less) to go! I can’t even believe how fast this pregnancy is moving. Maybe because it’s not been as stressful as Addie’s? Who knows!

Love this baby bump letter board by The Vintage Modern Wife. 22 weeks pregnant!

If you haven’t kept up with us online lately, at 20 weeks we had our ultrasound and amniocentesis with our Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor and had the cutest fall gender reveal ever to celebrate sweet baby Lawson. It was a complete surprise to us (as you can see in the video!) The 20 week ultrasound was so good and Addie got to meet the doctor that delivered her and checked up on her the entire time I was pregnant with her. We were overjoyed to hear that they couldn’t detect any physical abnormalities, and that it was completely up to us to do the amniocentesis or not. We opted to do it for genetic purposes to make sure our sweet boy didn’t have any complications like Addie, and the day before Thanksgiving we got a call that there were absolutely zero markers for any genetic abnormalities. Praise Jesus! It took such a load off our backs and now we can completely focus on the fact that our sweet boy is going to be healthy. We would have loved him regardless, just as we do Addie, but it’s nice to know that we won’t have the challenges that we had with her.

How far along: 22 weeks

Name: Lawson Avery

Size: Lawson is measuring about a week ahead so he’s the size of a grapefruit at 22 weeks! That’s 11.3 inches and 1.10 pounds.

How I’m feeling: Great! Starting to find that it’s getting a little harder to breathe (especially when I carry Addie) and I definitely can’t eat as much because there’s less room!

Sickness: None! I had 1 day where I couldn’t keep a meal down, but I think it was a fluke.

Cravings: I really haven’t had many cravings this pregnancy, although I will say I have been wanting more red meat the past couple weeks. So I guess I must be craving that!

Aversions: Chicken. It doesn’t gross me out or anything, I just haven’t been in the mood for it.

Weight gain: I think I’ve gained 7 pounds total. Not too bad but it’s definitely getting to where I’m actually starting to gain. Since I was so sick in the beginning I hadn’t gained anything, but 7 pounds isn’t bad!

Physical changes: Rounder tummy! I see a little chubbier face than at 16 weeks, but it happens.

Pregnancy purchases so far: I’ve made a few purchases so far that I wanted to share that have been helpful—

  • Floral Sweater (it’s not maternity)- When we went down to visit my family for my dad’s birthday the other week, we hit up Target for some Black Friday shopping. I fell in love with this sweater and had to have it. I’ll tell ya, it runs big. So if you like that oversized look, grab your normal size. If you like a more fitted look (or you’re short like me), size down. I’m wearing a medium and it fits perfectly. The large was like a dress on me!
  • Ningxia Red (and lots of it)- If you’ve been dragging lately, struggling to make healthy food choices, could use some help supporting your blood sugar, immune system or any other system of the body, then you need to learn about Ningxia Red. This powerful fruit puree is what we swear by for our family’s health! Young Living has exclusive distribution rights for the NingXia wolfberry, and just one ounce of NingXia Red is equivalent to each of the following in terms of antioxidant nutritional value: 4 pounds of carrots, 2 quarts of carrot juice, 8 oranges, 1 pint of orange juice, 2 pounds of beets, 2 cups of beet juice, 3 cups of raspberries, or 2 cups of blueberries! Wow! I drink 2-4 oz a day for antioxidant benefits to keep me staying healthy (which can be really hard this time of year with sugary snacks, unhealthy foods, and people spreading their germs like crazy.) I love that it keeps me energized because my blood sugar levels stay nice and balanced, and it’s just nice to drink with some LaCroix instead of a soda!
  • Tomorrow Sleep mattress– I’ll be blogging about this super soon, but this new mattress has been amazing for pregnancy. Our old mattress was like 13 years old (ew!) and I was waking up with aches and pains every morning. During pregnancy it’s advised to sleep on your side and I’m typically a tummy sleeper. So my hips, ribs, and knees would always be so painful and I’d toss and turn from the pain. Happy to report I’m no longer worrying about that! I can’t wait to tell y’all more soon.

As far as more purchases for Lawson, I haven’t done any. My mom and sister have bought Lawson a couple outfits, but that’s about it. We really only need a few things since he’s our second (like a crib, mattress, bedding,  DockaTot, Milk Snob car seat cover-  that kind of thing) but I started making a registry in case we have a shower later on in the new year. I’ve been focusing more on family birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and January birthdays and so baby stuff hasn’t been on the priority list. I figure once we get to January, I’ll start buying more stuff.

Love this baby bump letter board progression by The Vintage Modern Wife. 12-22 weeks pregnant!

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