Last night at 3 Spoons (a local frozen yogurt place here), Mathew uttered these words to me. My heart completely skipped and I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. A place to live?! You mean…of.our.very.own?!

The thought of finding a place to live has really started since my friend Ryan and his wife Jessica moved here to Waco in June. When they came and surprised us it really got us thinking that we ought to start looking for a place for real. Yeah we’d looked at a couple apartments, and although they were quite fancy, we had to be realistic and say that they were not in our price range at all. Needless to say, we needed to find another approach.

Ryan and Jessica moved into a duplex very close to our home (and by ours, you know that I mean Mathew’s family’s house, where I live), and it was SUPER cheap. It really got us thinking about duplexes in the area, and thus began our research. We found one that we really liked. We didn’t even get to go inside it, but it was really nice from what we could see through the blinds and it even had a carport in the back. Of course, it was available WAY too soon, and someone is already renting, but it doesn’t keep us from looking in the area.

I wrote down a couple duplexes on that same street that just became available this week. Since I started my first day of my new job yesterday (which I’m SO glad I got because I completely bombed the interview–and yes, crying ensued in the car after the interview was over), it really got us to thinking that we both have our official income and now we can start looking for a place to live!

We’ve got 3 1/2 months left until the wedding. Is this too soon to start looking for a duplex/apartment/ etc? I know duplexes go on the market as early as 30 days before the mover needs to move, so I’m just wondering if we’re smart in doing this now. Sure, we’d like to stay at an apartment because of the amenities (um, pool anyone?), but they’re all $800 and over around here. 1-2 bedroom duplexes on this side of town (the good part) run only $725-775 and are much bigger than apartments. We really want to call these realtors and find a place of our own!

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