I never realized how much we went outside until we were told we needed to socially distance ourselves and stay home as much as possible. We work really hard to stay healthy, and even though I didn’t think we went many places, I have felt much stress over not being able to get out like before. As an extrovert, staying put is hard for me, and I can’t even imagine how Lawson feels not being able to get all his energy out while we are socially distancing and having at-home staycations. I have begun pulling indoor toys out from the garage that were Addie’s for therapy so Lawson could use them, and I realized so many of them are amazing energy burning indoor toys from Amazon! If you are looking for indoor toys for your kids to use while you socially distance, look no further. Not only have we used most of these, but I’ve researched, talked to occupational and physical therapists, and as a former teacher, I totally approve of every single one of these indoor toys!

Looking for energy burning indoor toys to break up your kid's boredom? Look no further than this huge list!

1| Mini Trampoline– This trampoline is a perfect energy burning indoor toy. The bar helps kids hold on for stability and it easily folds down to put under a bed or in a closet. Addie and Lawson have both enjoyed this one and it has lasted us several years and will for many more.

2| Ball Pit and Extra Balls– We got one of these ball pits as a gift for Lawson and he loves it. Don’t forget the extra balls because you’ll want it to be full.

3| Crawl Tunnel– These little crawl tunnels are so fun for kids! Such a fun indoor toy to play with and easy to store away! Play hide n go seek, army, or grab a blanket and lay inside. Endless possibilities.

4| Basketball Hoop– What kid doesn’t love a basketball hoop? Practice hand/eye coordination (and of course some slam dunks) with this mini basketball hoop.


5| Cozy Coupe– This is the best indoor toy we’ve bought. This Cozy Coupe gets used daily in our house. Perfect for little ones and you can use it indoors or outdoors if you like!

6| Fly Bike– If you need an indoor toy that doesn’t take up a lot of room but burns lots of energy, this Fly Bike is perfect. Teaches kids the beginning skills of bike riding!

7| Gymnic Rody– Need energy burning? your child can hop up and down and all around on this indoor toy pony. This is one of Addie’s favorites on the list and is wonderful for core work!

8| Teeter Popper– Kids can get creative with this Teeter Popper. Great for learning how to balance!


9| Inflatable Bounce House– This bounce house takes up a fair amount of room. Move the couches and coffee table and let the kids have a blast! 

10| Gonge Top– This indoor toy is a massive spinning top! Get in, or just spin it, or balance on top! Kids can get really creative with this fun toy.

11| Stepping Stones– This is great for kids of all ages. Little ones can touch the textures, toddlers and littles can hop from stone to stone, and big kids can play “The Floor is Lava” on these! Stepping Stones are a great indoor toy because they stack to put away!

12| Crocodile Hop Floor Game– Get your kids hopping with this interactive indoor game. Easy set up, easy to put away, and kids get to do lots of hopping to burn off their energy.


13| Pikler Triangle– This is one of Lawson’s favorite indoor toys! He’s gotten really good at climbing thanks to the Pikler Triangle!

14| Wooden Balance Board– Similar to the plastic one above but definitely allows for more creativity thanks to the simple, wooden design. The wooden balance board can be flipped to make a bridge or tunnel for toys!

15| Sit N Spin– Let your kids spin til they can’t spin any more! This Sit N Spin is a child’s dream indoor toy and will have them giggling over and over.

16| Bilibo– Creativity can soar with the Bilibo when kids can sit in it, spin in it, stand on it, wear it as a hat, and more. Definitely an indoor toy that kids will get a kick out of.


17| Swedish Wall Playground– If you have the space for this one, definitely grab it. This is a homeschool parent’s dream, but also every kid’s dream! The Swedish Wall Playground is the perfect indoor toy and is super versatile. Great for burning energy and learning lots of skills.

18| Sunny Patch Tootle the Turtle Target Toss– This fun game from Melissa and Doug is great for all ages. Start a family competition to see who can throw it the furthest.

19| Plasma Car– Low profile so kids can put their feet up, this Plasma Car lets kids get around the house just by moving side to side! So much fun and uses lots of good energy burning!

20| Rocking Chair Seesaw– Need your child to stay in one place but burn off their energy? This chair seesaw is perfect for that! It’s bright colors and thin design make this cute and functional and fun!

Do you have any of the indoor toys on this list? Which one will you be grabbing?

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