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Hi everyone!  I’m taking over Stephanie’s blog! LOL!  I thought I’d talk about some great books out there right now…especially considering that since it’s Hunting Season and I spend MANY hours/day in my deer stand reading as well as taking photos!  I went through several books during our Thanksgiving trip.  Some of them “Saucy” and some of them “Christian based”  So hopefully there is something for everyone.

I never have time to read, except for when I’m hunting…it started with the “Chicken Soup for Souls” series, but I flew through them quickly!  SO…I knew I needed LARGER books…lol!  I have been a HUGE fan of Ken Follett for a long time now…but the book that REALLY grabbed me was “The Pillars of the Earth”  I love how he takes the characters and enter twines them throughout the years and situations…it’s amazing how he does that!  It really keeps you turning the pages!  I highly recommend this book…it’s certainly NOT for kids.


After reading The Pillars of the Earth…the movie came out on TV.  I was so excited to see that the movie I had running in my head throughout my journey in the book was taken literally to the screen!

So…this past summer I picked up his book “The Fall of Giants”, I knew it had to be good…but I didn’t want to read it until I had picked up the newest book in his collection “Winter of the World”.  I began with “The Fall of Giants”.  Ken Follett really does his research and is able to fold his characters into the pages of history…half way through the book I couldn’t wait to read the second book…I was curious how the lives of the characters would be in the next book.


I was SO NOT disappointed with the first book when it came to an end…my only problem was that I still had daylight left in my stand and the next book was in my camper…lol!
Winter of the World continues the stories of the characters in Fall of Giants…they are older and have their own lives.  Ken continues to take his readers through history in this second book in the trilogy!
Once again…at the end of the read (3 days later) I was craving the last book.  Unfortunately it is NOT out yet..lol…but it’s worth the wait!
The last book I read on my trip was the newest book by William P. Young, author of “The Shack”.  It’s called “Cross Roads”.  If you have read “The Shack” you know how good the imagery and how much of a page turner it is…well…you won’t be disappointed with the newest book…it’s just as amazing!  I read it in ONE DAY!  I couldn’t put it down…at all!

When I return to the lease, I will be reading the SEQUEL to “The Pillars of the Earth” called “World Without End”  I couldn’t find the book forever…but finally got my hands on a copy! If you choose to read them….I hope you enjoy them as much as I did…especially “Cross Roads”.

Thanks for having me here!

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