The beginning of deer season begins the first weekend in November, and you can love it, or hate it. I, personally, do not like that my husband goes hunting to kill deer, but on the other hand, I eat chicken, beef, fish, etc. So really- who am I to judge?

When opening weekend for deer hunting rolls around, I’ve decided to embrace the fact that I’ll be a hunting widow. How do I do that? I shop!

Northpark Mall, Dallas. Source

Because my mother-in-law, Mathew’s aunt, and his cousins all have husbands who hunt, we’ve made it this fun tradition that while the guys are out hunting and attempting to kill deer, we shop til we drop. Not to mention, it also rolls around the time of my sister-in-law’s birthday, so we kind of make it this one big huge ordeal where we go to Dallas or Austin and eat delicious food, shop, and basically do whatever we want. It’s a win-win for us all!

Here are some shopping faves I’m LOVING right now:

1. The Stump. If you’ve never heard of this and you have an iPad, you totally need this. I’m not lying- it’s totally changed my life. Mathew and I love to watch shows we’ve missed (like Grey’s Anatomy) online. We use our silicone Stump to keep the iPad still while we watch our show, and it’s awesome. I also love to FaceTime my bloggy friends (like Laura and Becka), and so instead of holding up my iPad for 3 hours, I just put it in my Stump. My stump is hot pink, and it’s my new favorite toy. They’re really not a bad price, and would be a pretty good Christmas gift if you ask me.

The Stump
2. Mary Kay. If you know me at all, you know that I’m an AVID lover of MAC makeup. However, recently I’ve had some friends send me some Mary Kay products, and I’m kind of loving them. My friend Dalayna sent me some Mary Kay Satin Lips, and I have to say, this stuff is awesome.
Mary Kay
It’s a tube of a lip mask, and then a tube of lip balm. Together- my lips feel SO soft, which I need because ski season is around the corner, and no one wants cracked, dry lips. If you’re interested in buying Satin Lips, Dalayna sells it for $20 (she’s giving my lovely readers no shipping), and if you want to buy any extra sets (for Christmas gifts) then those additional sets will only be $15 a piece. If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.
3. Brush Guard. Ok, I’m hoping my sisters don’t read this post, because this is one thing I seriously want to get them for Christmas. I got mine in the mail the other week, and I’m OBSESSED with it. If you’re a makeup lover, you NEED this. The Brush Guard cleaning kit comes with a brush guard variety pack, brush shampoo, a microfiber blotting cloth, a washing cup (the blue one), and the drying vase. It runs about $20 and is my new favorite thing to use. I have expensive MAC brushes, and even though I love the MAC brush cleaning solution, that stuff is EXPENSIVE and I hate how fast I go through it.
Brush Guard
 The steps are simple: 1) wet your brushes, 2) put a drop or two (seriously that’s all you need) of the soap in your blue cup and a little bit of water, 3) scrub your brushes, 4) rinse and blot, 5) put the brush guards on your brushes, and 6) put your brushes face down into the cups. I learned that if you put the brushes face up, you actually can get water inside the handle of the brush and damage it. Who knew?!

If you’re a hunting widow (or your man goes away on business frequently), what do you do to pass the time?  Plus, what do you think of these awesome things I’ve found?

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