Well, it’s Thursday. For me that means working my butt off this morning, going to class for 6 hours straight, turning in a bunch of assignments, and then heading to church for our Sister Friends With a Twist night (basically dinner and a bunch of craft sessions)! It’s going to be one busy day just like yesterday was. Is it just me, or is everyone else ready for the weekend!?

the Grant life

This week’s edition of Copy Cat Closet was inspired by the graphic tee. The graphic tee is one of those things in my closet that I’ve really been trying to avoid these past couple of years. Most graphic tees scream “teen” to me, and since I already look like I’m 18 (when I’m really 26), I try to not wear them frequently. However, I can’t seem to help it with 11:11 Apparel tees. I actually thought of wearing an 11:11 shirt for this challenge, but decided to take an “edgier” approach.

A few years ago, right before I moved to live with Mathew and his family, I won a trip on the radio for 2 to go to NYC and have free hotel, airfare, and concert tickets. The concert was a mash up of a BUNCH of huge artists, and one of my faves- The Black Eyed Peas. I decided to rock the shirt I got from the concert for this challenge, and I really like how it turned out!

Before I go into my look, check out the ever-so-beautiful Natalia and her inspiration:

Her hair inspiration was either to do a braid or topknot or just something you hadn’t done before. I’d done a braid AND topknot this week, so I decided on a different look for my hair.


Ok, ok so I know I promised better pictures for this week, but the holiday got the best of us and we spent the entire time lounging with all of our friends and I ended up having to take pictures this week before I got ready for work- alone, and with a self-timer. I didn’t get a picture of my shoes- but they were black booties and super cute. I did my hair in a poof (because let’s face it- it’s hard to do a “cute” hairstyle with curly hair), winged a little eyeliner, and put on MAC Vegas Volt lipstick. It’s my fave 😉
I liked this challenge. I could totally see myself rocking it out on a night out with the hubby! I love to dress down my graphic tees too with jeans and heels, so that’s always an option too.
Btw, I tried to pull off a look that Katie from for Lauren and Lauren always does (dress with a shirt over to make it look like a shirt and skirt with her shirt tied on the side). Yeah, it didn’t work. I think it was the dress underneath AND the fact that she’s amazingly tall (well at least in her pictures) and I’m short. Either way, I’ll keep trying! 
How do you wear your graphic tees? Which is your favorite? 

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