Christmas time is incredibly important to our family. It’s no secret that Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Sure, you get to have amazing food, gifts, and more, but the absolute true meaning of Christmas is what’s important to us. Being 5 hours away from my family isn’t easy, but thanks to technology, I’ve been able to spend Christmas with my family in Corpus Christi even though I’m still in Waco.

Looking for an adorable nativity set the whole family will love? Hallmark Gold Crown Stores have an Itty Bitty Christmas Nativity that is not only cute, but perfect to display! I love it!

When I was growing up, Christmas was always at my Aunt Gloria’s house. I absolutely miss it. The day before Christmas Eve all the cousins sit together and make Christmas cookies JUST for the party. We go all out and buy special decorating tools just so the cookies can be as picturesque as they would be in a magazine. We also make tons of food and get ready to have at least 40 people in her house. Then, on Christmas Eve, we laugh, we share stories and catch up, we eat, and then we do one of my very favorite things- the advent “service.” During this time, at the very end of the evening, our whole family gets together and sits around the living room. Everyone is given a piece of paper with a script to read, and we each read various parts about Jesus’ birth. At the end, my Uncle Pete reads Luke 2, and tells the story of Jesus’ birth. I look forward to it every single year, and when I saw the itty bittys® Nativity Set from Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, I just lit up.

It’s hard being away from my side of the family. We haven’t had a Christmas with them in several years in person, but FaceTime makes it easier. I think what also makes it easier is seeing cute things like the itty bittys® Nativity Set and being able to grab them for Addie. It reminds me so much of our Christmas Eve nights at Aunt Gloria’s house and I want Addie to have sweet memories of Christmas like I do. Addie collects Hallmark itty bittys and if you remember, last year Santa brought her some itty bitty Disney Princess dolls for her stocking. They are cute, tiny, and fit perfectly in her little hands. Plus, she loves cuddling with them at night because they fit in the crook of her arm. This nativity set is going to be the best set yet!

Mathew and I made a video that we want to share with Addie on Christmas Eve nights from now on. We had fun making it and we hope you enjoy it! Give it a thumbs up if you watch it, or comment and tell us what you think! Also, if you’re searching for some sweet and fun gift ideas, check out Hallmark. Not only do they have the itty bittys® Nativity Set, but they carry beautiful Christmas cards, sweet-smelling soaps, and their oh-so-popular Keepsake Ornaments.

What are some of your favorite traditions that make Christmas special for you and your family?


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