As you all know, Mathew and I had our engagement photo shoot this past Sunday. I did a couple Weddzilla posts here and here and made sure I followed all of my helpful tips! Also, I decided to be a good blogger and take a few pics for you all. We wanted to have a vintage/modern rose garden themed picnic, so here you go!

Outfit #1. This was the outfit I wore for the garden picnic, minus the belt. The belt looked cute on my bed with the outfit, but when I wore it, it made me look pregnant. Oh and please don’t mind my unmade bed. Mathew wore a baby pink button down shirt with jeans to match my outfit. It didn’t look too matchy-matchy and was nice!

Outfit #2. Not only did we take pictures in the garden, but we also took some at the Suspension Bridge in Waco (you should Google it). This was the outfit I wore. Mathew had a bright blue American Eagle polo shirt he wore with it.

After laying out my outfits, I decided to go get my makeup done at MAC so it’d be perfect for the pictures. I wore only mascara so I could do some before and after shots for you all. All I can say is that foundation does wonders!

Mathew and I love Scrabble. We’re both highly competitive and we like to take pictures of our final board when we finish games. I thought it’d be cute and incorporate the game into our shoot, so the night before our pictures, our bridesmaid Beth Anne and I figured out how all the words should fit!

This is a sneak peak of our set up. During the actual shoot we had cupcakes and sparkling grape juice in the glasses (we would’ve opted for wine because we love it, but it was a shoot, and I was aiming for CHEAPNESS).

And did you notice my paper flowers I made above? Paper flowers are SO in right now that I couldn’t contain myself. I wish I had used a silver vase instead of clear, but I was tired of spending so much for photo shoot items and didn’t really have time to buy spray paint either. They still look cute though. Also, here are the cupcake flags I made in Photoshop (pre-toothpick inserted into cupcake).

All in all our shoot was a BLAST and we had lots of fun. I can’t wait until our photographer gives us our pictures back so I can show you!

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