Our Goldilocks and the Three Bears Family Costumes

Every time Halloween rolls around I just get so excited! There are always so many fun family costumes to choose from, and I love picking out a theme. This year, after lots of thinking, we decided on Goldilocks and the Three Bears for our family costumes. It was unique, easy to put together, and we got so many compliments at a local Fall Festival about them!

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!
What we wore for our Goldilocks and the Three Bears family costumes:
Mathew- Hoodie, basketball shorts, brown fur
Stephanie- Dress, fur vest, booties (similar), multistrand necklace
Stephanie’s Makeup- lashes, lipstickfoundation, concealer, brown eyeliner, white eyeliner, eyeshadows, brows
Addie- Black onesie, leg warmers, fur vest, and similar bear socks
Ears- Black fur, brown fur, hair clips, sewing kitribbon, hot glue gun
Pearl- skirt, hat, doll hair, elastic

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

I had such a blast creating these family costumes, I can’t say that enough. Addie had a onesie with a vest, leg warmers, little bear socks, and I completed her costume with homemade bear ears and a tiny fur tail on her butt. If you’re wondering how I made her ears and Mathew’s, I used this pattern, cut the brown and black fur, hand sewed them inside out (except for the bottom),  turned them right side out, and sewed the bottom together. Then, I had hair clips that I wrapped with ribbon, and hot glued the ears onto. I cut Addie’s little ears smaller than the pattern since she’s so little. I put her hair in two little buns and clipped the ears in front!

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

For Mathew’s portion of our Goldilocks and the Three Bears family costumes, I hot glued a piece of fur onto a black hoodie (I may have forgotten to lint roll him here, oops!) and hot glued on ears for him! He got a little bear nose on his face and a little tail on the bottom of his hoodie. Mathew is such a good sport. We have been dressing in a theme for Halloween for 4 Halloweens now. It took me a few years to convince him (we’ve been together 8 years!), but he does it because he loves his girl. Plus, come on, who can’t resist some good ole family costumes?

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

When I thought about Goldilocks and the Three Bears for our family costumes, I knew I could always be Goldilocks, but let’s be honest- that’s BORING! I had this hilarious idea to make Pearl into Goldilocks and just ran with the idea. I bought her a little skirt, a doll hat and some curly, blonde doll hair, and grabbed some elastic out of my sewing kit. I laughed SO hard when I glued the hair to her hat for her wig. SO HARD. Pearl wasn’t too keen on the idea of the hat and wig, but she tolerated enough for a couple pictures.

Also, did anyone notice she stole the porridge from the bears? How rude, Pearl Goldilocks, how rude!

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

As for my look, I applied foundation a little darker than my normal shade, and lightened up my under eye area, chin, and upper lip with light concealer. Then, I applied some blush (I really loved this darker shade!), added a mild smoky eye and filled in my brows, threw on some lashes and lipstick, and grabbed my brown and white eyeliner pencils. For the bear fur on my face, I took white and brown eyeliner pencils and just went from my eyebrows down my face to my chin. I wore a black dress and fur vest with a necklace too! To complete my look, I put my hair into mini buns and fanned out the hair to make it look like ears. I secured them with bobby pins and hairspray so they’d stay in place. You guys- this Goldilocks and the Three Bears idea was just so fun for me to do. One of my favorite family costumes by far!

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

Although it’s not quite Halloween yet, we went to a Fall Festival at a local church to show off our cute costumes. EVERYONE couldn’t get enough of Addie, and it was so sweet to see so many people wanting to love on her. She was smiling at everyone who said hi! She got to play several games, won some prizes, and even got a little temporary tattoo! It was so nice to get out and just enjoy ourselves. The church had an earlier time for activities for special needs children, so we thankfully go to go enjoy the activities before things got too crazy. It was perfect for Addie and we were thankful she wasn’t exposed to the hundreds of people that would be coming after us. As we were leaving, we saw a huge line out the door and around the church! Wow!

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

As for Halloween night itself? I’m not really sure yet what we plan to do. There are several events around town but they’ll have a TON of people and we just aren’t into that (in fact, for the Fall Festival we got early access because Addie has special needs, so we got to do stuff before the crowd!) I also don’t anticipate a lot of trick-or-treaters in our area because last year I only bought 2 bags of candy, and I had 1 left over at the end of the night. We even were giving 4-6 candies per child too! Seems like everyone here generally enjoys going to church events anyway since they’re a lot safer.

Looking for fun family costumes for Halloween? Love this Goldilocks and the Three Bears DIY!

I’m so thankful for another amazing Halloween with our sweet girl. Who would have known that we would’ve gone from a Hunter and Deer in the NICU to a Scarecrow family just a couple months after she got out of PICU, to a fun Goldilocks and the Three Bears family for Halloween? I’m not sure how we’ll top next year, but you better believe we’ll be trying!

What are you and your family dressing up for this Halloween?

Our Journey Through Wellness: A Story of Our Struggles and Accomplishments

Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

There are many things we took for granted before we became Addie’s parents. We took for granted the ability to breathe, the ability to hold up a head, the ability to speak or hear, the ability to run and do a fast errand as a family- lots of things. For a long time, Addie was in a season of illness. She spent the first 10 months of her life in a hospital, and we’ve worked really hard to keep her out of the hospital except for small, planned procedures. It’s been a year and almost 4 months since our family was in that season of life, and I’m truly amazed at how the Lord has blessed us with a journey through wellness instead of more illness.


Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

What we Wore

Addie: shirt / pants (similar) / vest (similar) / bow

Stephanie: shirt / scarf (similar) / pants

Mathew: shirt / jeans

Photography by Lauren Gilbert Photography

Whenever I sat in the NICU for 8-12 hours at a time, only leaving to get lunch or exclusively pump, I had a lot of time to think and a lot of time to pray. We had many talks with doctors who thought Addie wouldn’t “make it” out of the hospital. That she’d be a forever patient. As a parent, it was excruciating to watch. There were always so many tubes, cords, and probes. Nurses and Respiratory Therapists that would have to help me get her out of her little bed because she was so medically fragile. Even as she was older in the PICU and sedated in order to help her breathe easier, I never quite knew what our outcome would be. I would pray and pray for our sweet girl, and would put my best foot forward to stay happy because I knew my mood effected hers.

Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

Being in that season of illness for such a prolonged time takes a toll on you, and to be honest, we were ready for a change. When Addie came home after those 10 months, our lives changed for the better in so many ways, and we strived to begin our journey through wellness. We worked hard to eat healthy meals and enjoyed finally eating as a family- in our own home. We took Addie out for walks at the zoo to get the fresh air we so longingly wanted during the past 10 months. We joined Young Living and started replacing toxic chemical-laden cleaners and household items with ones that were natural. Still, with all of the fun, we were extremely cautious. We had a friend dress up as Santa with a never-before-used costume, and kept Addie indoors as much as possible. I used Thieves spray like crazy whenever I went out to the grocery store by myself so I wouldn’t bring any germs home), and we made sure that any visitors that came over had not been sick or around anyone that was sick.

Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

Our diligence paid off. We spent our entire respiratory season last year without any sickness from Mathew or me, and Addie never went to the hospital because of illness. It was amazing. I honestly wasn’t sure if we could do it, but I figured if we made sure to wash our hands frequently, use our essential oils, drink our daily Ningxia Red, and keep Addie away from public places, then we’d be ok- and we were. In fact, the Lord has blessed our family with so much wellness since respiratory season started last year.

Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

Because of our ability to keep Addie healthy, we had a blast this summer. We took Addie to the state capitol, the zoo, a friend’s birthday party, my 30th birthday fiesta (yet another thing I need to blog about!), holiday get-togethers, a few restaurants, and even random trips out of town to Austin and San Antonio just because. Addie had her birthday party with tons of friends and she actually was able to be passed around to people unlike the year before. It was seriously a summer to remember.

Now, Fall is here and we’re getting back into the swing of being a bit more cautious due to respiratory season. We recently got to take Addie to a sweet little pumpkin patch near town and my friend Lauren Gilbert got some great shots of us. She has a little business, Lauren Gilbert Photography, and is always so kind enough to offer to take pictures of us. After our photo shoot, we took Addie out to Cracker Barrel for brunch, headed home for a little family time, and then went over to Lauren’s house for dinner and so Addie could play with her friend, Ollie. If you would have seen Mathew and me, you would’ve seen how big the smiles on our faces were. It was a PERFECT day. Perfect. I went to bed that night thanking God for such a glorious day and for our abundance during this journey through wellness. I think we also realized that night that it’s time to start winding the getaways down, which is what made the day even more special because it went so well. We have plans for a fun Halloween as a family (so stick around!), but not quite sure yet if we’ll hit up a church fall festival or just stay home all dressed up. I’d love to take Addie out, but it just depends on the wellness of others, to be honest. Either way, it’ll be a blast! We also are in talks of what we’ll do for Thanksgiving this year (it’s insane how fast time is flying.)

Love this sweet pumpkin patch photo shoot with The Vintage Modern Wife! See more pictures and read about their journey through wellness. It's great!

Our journey through wellness is always evolving as we research more about toxin-laden products (Have you tried the Think Dirty app?!), use essential oils, eat a more “clean” diet, and have a strong wellness plan with Addie’s specialists. With the tools and resources we used last year, we are praying that we continue to have an abundance of wellness! It’s not an easy task, but we’re up for the challenge!

What are your favorite ways to stay healthy in your journey through wellness?

Teething Remedies You May Not Have Thought About

Teething is awful. It’s awful! It’s painful for not only baby, but everyone in the family, and we are experiencing it firsthand. Addie is 14 months old and just starting to get 3 teeth in all at once. It’s not fun whatsoever. Thankfully, we’ve found some teething hacks that have really saved Addie from pain, and saved Mathew and I with our sanity. There have been days where all I’ve wanted to do is grab a glass of wine and sink into a bathtub full of bubbles because of teething. Luckily, we’re in a much better place now, and hopefully these are some teething remedies you may not have thought about that will help you as much as they’ve helped us!

Tried every teething remedy in the book? Try these teething remedies you may not have thought about! Some may surprise you!
Breastmilk Popsicles- As an exclusive pumper for 13 months, I was attached to my breast pump. We had to purchase a deep freezer for all my milk, and I actually even became a milk donor for local NICUs in the Central Texas area. If you’re a pumping mama like me (or you have milk saved), you can purchase some baby popsicle molds, pour breast milk into them, and help your baby have a sweet treat while soothing themselves.

Lavender and Copaiba Essential Oils- Y’all know I’m a Young Living lover. I can’t help that they’ve totally changed our lives. Right now I have a roller ball bottle filled with 10 drops of Lavender, 4 Copaiba, and I filled it to the top with jojoba oil for Addie. Lavender’s aroma is calming, while Copaiba helps to promote wellness and relaxes the body. Copaiba is a main essential oil found in Young Living’s Deep Relief, which is formulated to be massaged on after a strenuous activity. The combination of Lavender and Copaiba is perfect to roll on the chin or upper lip to give a calming and relaxing effect on a fussy baby.

Silicone Toothbrush- Addie LOVES her silicone toothbrush and it makes her SO happy when I brush her gums. I think she’d be happy if I did it all day long. The silicone bristles are very gentle on her mouth and give her comfort when I brush them in a circular motion. Perfect for little ones to grab onto and bite, and I love that it has a disc around it so if it falls, it doesn’t get germs on the bristles!

Gum Massage- Along with the silicone toothbrush, I like to give Addie massages for her gums. Using my index finger, I place it on her chin (outside of her mouth) and massage in small, circular motions going from left to right and then right to left. Then, once she’s relaxed, I do the same to her upper lip area. It helps massage in the essential oils for calming that I’ve put on her, as well as given her something else to think about other than the pain. This puts her to sleep pretty much every single time.

DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste- I know what you’re thinking- why is this on a list for teething?! Let me tell you- teething has brought TERRIBLE diarrhea for Addie. Just awful. I actually took her to the doctor because I was concerned she would get dehydration. Every single diaper was a poopy one, and was just SO runny. The onset of teething brings about lots of saliva, and the excess saliva ends up in the gut. Then, the gut tries to rid of it through the diarrhea, and let’s just say….I’ve had to do a LOT of laundry lately. Addie’s bottom got pretty red after constantly having loose diapers, but DESITIN cleared it right up. Every diaper change I’d add a big slather of it to keep a nice barrier and heal her skin, and it did just that! Now, a few days later, her bottom is all the way better. Target actually has a coupon for DESITIN right now on Cartwheel for 25% off DESITIN. This is one teething item you won’t want to be without- promise.

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring- I know many moms talk about the original Sophie the Giraffe, but to be honest, I really love the Sophie the Giraffe teething ring much better. It has 2 different types of bumps and ridges, perfect to gnaw on, and also has 2 handles for your baby to grab onto it. Great for small hands and little ones that can’t get enough of things to chew on. This, hands down, is Addie’s favorite teether, and really satisfies that feeling of needing to gnaw on something to feel better.

Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet- If you don’t have a teething bracelet or necklace for your baby, grab one. They’re made from Baltic Amber, which gives of succinic acid, a natural analgesic. I prefer a bracelet to a necklace because Addie has a trach, but either are good options. If you’re worried about your baby eating the bracelet, it’s probably best to give them a necklace. I recommend not letting your baby sleep with the necklace due to choking hazards, and making sure you get one that has each bead individually knotted in case one falls off.

There are SO many other teething remedies that help babies and I’d love for you to leave your favorite in the comments for any new moms that are just dying for something to give their baby some relief. Also, make sure you visit Target’s Cartwheel and get your 25% off DESITIN coupon now through November 21st, 2015!