With only 3 months and 23 days left (and several hours) until our wedding, we’ve realized that our wedding is drawing near, but we didn’t realize how close until last night. Well, that is, Mathew realized last night and I realized this morning.

You see yesterday we not only found out we won the Storymix contest, but I also got a call from my old (new) boss. I’d been really nervous about the job interview I had on Friday (I didn’t mention it here because we went out of town right after to Corpus for my shower). I’m not normally a nervous interviewer, but I walked out of my interview and cried. It was awful. Luckily, I called my old (new) boss and just reassured her that I really wanted my old (new) job and she completely understood why I was nervous.

I was told that I probably wouldn’t know anything about a job until after this coming Friday, just because they were interviewing more people, but I got a call yesterday from my old (new) boss saying that the school district was going to call and offer me a position! HOORAY! Now the weight is off our shoulders about me losing my job!

When Mathew came home last night, he brought these babies for me as a congrats on getting my job! 2 dozen red long-stemmed roses–the boy does good. 😉

It was after that moment, that we realized there were only 8 paychecks that Mathew would get until we’d be getting married, and only 7 more for me until we get married. Yeah, time to freak out. We still have so many things we need to buy (wedding stuff, furniture for a place, an actual apartment- first month rent and deposit, honeymoon, airfare, passports…the list goes on) and yet, we have SO little time.

I remember freaking out at 9 months. And I also remember HiLLjO telling me just to wait until 3-4 months before. Well, that time is now, and I completely understand what she meant. I thought I had so much time (after all, we’ve now been engaged over a year), but wow it’s all coming so soon!

Don’t get me wrong–we’re excited as ever. But definitely the money aspect is making us nervous. Can someone plant me a money tree? I could really use one about now!

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