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Mathew and I are just one of those couples..we just click. I knew from the day that I met him that he was different and that he would be “the one.” I remember driving off from Waco actually in tears thinking, “This is the guy that I’m going to marry.” I just knew. New Years 2008 was the best weekend of my life because my life changed the second we met.

Making faces..because we’re cool like that.

He was (and still is) funny, handsome, cheesy, and incredibly romantic. I fell head over heels (fast!) and couldn’t get enough of him. I came to Waco constantly to spend time with him and do goofy things that I normally wouldn’t this:

Making a sign about my boyfriend and talking about it on air for Good Morning America.
Sneaking onto the lawn of someone’s house JUST to take this picture.
Checking out caverns and rock climbing on my 23rd birthday.
Getting engaged!
Pretending to be stars in front of the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin the day after we got engaged.
Getting married!

..and there have been SO many other fun moments since then. My all time favorite picture though?

Mathew and I…when he KNEW

This picture is the picture that Mathew keeps on his desk at work. It’s one of our first pictures together as a couple. It’s the picture where I can tell that he KNEW that he loved me. It’s so special to me despite the fact that 1) it’s not professionally taken (my now sister in law took it), 2) I have a hair tie on my wrist, 3) my bangs are completely uneven from breakage, and 4) there’s an ugly yellowish lamp behind us.

A simple photo can freeze a moment in time and fully capture the essence of a relationship — especially when the picture freezes how two paths came together as one. Whether the picture is at the beginning of your relationship when it’s first forming, developing it into something more serious, or bringing it into focus, Helzberg Diamonds loves to see the meaning of love through consumers’ lenses. Every love story brings together the tale of two journeys, and that’s what Helzberg Diamonds’ new “We Just Click” photo contest is all about.

Could you capture the essence of your relationship in just three photos? Have any snapshots that show how your relationship has developed over time?

Helzberg and I would love to read about your unique relationship journey for a chance to win big! Helzberg’s “We Just Click” photo contest invites you to show how you and the man in your life “click” for a chance to win a $1,000 Helzberg gift card to put towards the purchase of an ideal cut diamond from the new My Diamond Story collection!

Whether you’re just starting your happily ever after or have chapters behind you, entering the contest is as easy as a snap. Simply visit and share three photos representing your relationship. It can be a photo of the two of you, a significant time or place or a special memory, whatever makes your journey picture-perfect! After uploading three photos, provide one caption that is ten words or less. Although I showed more than 3 photos today for you all, I am also going to be entering the contest with my favorite 3 pictures from this post that really captures the essence of Mathew and I. I think this is going to be a really fun contest and would love to see my awesome readers participating!

The contest runs from Oct. 18-Nov. 6 and the winner will be announced Dec. 1. Find your 3 favorite pictures that show how you “click” and enter to win!

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