Yesterday was a BLAST. Even though Mathew and I had to wake up early on a Saturday, it was well worth it! We got up and headed to Kohl’s to start on our wedding registry, and let me tell you- we had so much fun! First off, there was no item that we disagreed on. I was worried we’d start disagreeing with the bedspread (fyi- once I had a meltdown because I showed him bedspreads online and he didn’t like any that I did. I was like “you haaaate everything” *pout* haha), but we didn’t at all. We both loved a Vera Wang bedspread and it made everything so enjoyable! We registered for bedroom, bathroom, and larger kitchen items at Kohl’s, and it only took us a couple hours. We had come prepared with a list, so it was pretty easy for us.

After Kohl’s Mathew had to go to work, while I had to go to Temple with his mom for a graduation/engagement party of a friend. I also went with his mom to visit his aunt. She got our STD and loved it! (In fact, we went to church today and many people said we’re on their fridge now. YAY!) In any case, once he got out of work, we headed out to do more registering.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found SO many kitchen gadgets. We’re foodies and love to cook, so it was only natural that we registered for like 100 things (no exaggerating!) at BBB. We even got there about an hour before they closed, and the workers at BBB were so sweet. They told us that since they don’t leave til 9:30 (when they’re done cleaning, etc) that we could stay until then to finish our registry! I thought that was very nice and it definitely left me with a GREAT impression of their store.

After a nice day of registering (which, I HIGHLY recommend splitting it up throughout your day so you’re not exhausted), we came home and registered for fine china and casual dinnerware at Dillard’s online. We picked the Lenox “Floral Fusion” for casual (seen above) and the Kate Spade New York “Trimble Place” (below) for fine dining china. I think they’re great (plus, Mathew loved and helped pick them too!).

Needless to say, it was a successful registry day yesterday! As for today, it’s Mother’s Day! My mom has been amazing in trying to find helpful tips for the wedding, and passing along titles of books that she’s read in preparation for the wedding. Even though she’s a 5 hour drive from me, she still tries to stay in the loop, which I very much appreciate. She’s done a lot for me- she’s been very supportive of my schooling, my job, and was even supportive when I told her I wanted to move to Waco to be with Mathew. I’m sad I couldn’t be with her today, but I did make sure she got a gift certificate from me for a manicure 😉 I’ll see her in about a week and a half though!

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