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Love this vintage modern dorm room style decorating from #PBDorm!

If you hadn’t read, Mathew and I just moved to make more room for little Addison in September. With a master bedroom, baby nursery, and a guest bedroom, it’s been pretty busy with unpacking over here. But one thing I’ve noticed? I’m actually not a big fan of our guest bedroom decor. We’ve got a light and dark brown zebra print comforter, a dark brown bookshelf, a huge dvd case, and an old vintage-looking trunk that we use as a tv stand for this big boxy tv I got like 10 years ago. Needless to say…it’s time for an update now that we’re in a new place. I really want a space that guests would feel homey and comfortable in and is stylish. The walls are a perfect cream, so it’s great as a clean slate. I love vintage modern style (I mean, our whole wedding was based off that style of mixing old and new), so my dream bedroom would have vintage modern decorating. I’m loving all the perfect things I found at PB Dorm.

This Damask Deluxe Bedding Set in Light Gray from #PBDorm is the perfect choice for my dorm room style!
Damask Deluxe Bedding Set, Light Gray

I love the damask pattern on this PB Dorm bedding set, and the fact that it’s light gray so it’s not harsh. It almost looks floral if you’re not paying attention. It’s feminine, but not outrightly so, so I could actually have Mathew’s friends stay the night and them not freak out on me that it’s a girly room.

This set of dorm trunks from #PBDorm is great for hiding blankets, pillows, and more. I love it!
Dorm Trunk

Although we currently have a dorm trunk in our guest room, I love the PB Dorm ones SO much better. Ours is an ugly brownish maroon, and these white and gray ones are fabulous! I actually like how they’re stacked, and think they’d be fun to put in the room to hold extra blankets or pillows.

This Lilac Desk and Hutch is a great addition for a dorm or guest bedroom. It's from #PBDorm and I need it in my life!
Lilac Desk and Hutch

This desk makes me feel like I’m back in the days where people actually used vanities. This PB Dorm desk is beautiful with this chair, and would be perfect when my mom and sisters visit so they can get their makeup done and do their hair. You can purchase the mirror separately, and I just think it’s fab.

This Peyton rug will go perfectly with my dorm room style. I would even love it in our guest bedroom! #PBDorm
Peyton Rug, Pool
#PBDorm has these fabulous Monogram Pillow Covers! I love them as a pop of color!
Monogram Pillow Cover, Pool

For a pop of color, I’m in love with this PB Dorm rug. In fact, they have it in pink, so I may also need one for Addison’s nursery. It would go great underneath the vanity above, and I think it’d be a good idea to put some of the Pool monogram pillows on the bed to tie it all in.

I’m hoping to have time to redo the guest room before Addison arrives. If I don’t, there may not be a chance in 6 months or more for me to do it! I think this collection from PB Dorm would be really fun, and would be a nice update from what we currently have. Everything is so muted in the room right now, that it’d be great to get some pops of color in it. Let’s hope I have time!

What do you think of all the fun things from PB Dorm? Is there something on this list you especially love?

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