The Healthy Snack Drawer

I hate sandwiches. Like HATE. The only sandwich I’ll consistently be ok with is a PB&J and even that sometimes is pushing it. Turkey and cheese gets old after a while, and even adding stuff like sprouts doesn’t make it much easier. Mathew on the other hand LOVES sandwiches. He could eat them every day for lunch and be fine. The thing is- actually getting him to MAKE his lunch is totally another thing. After another text hearing that Mathew had taken a bottle of tea and a peach, I decided we needed to do something. So- I came up with the healthy snack drawer!

What is the healthy snack drawer?!

It’s a drawer in our fridge that has all kinds of healthy goodies. I stocked it with portioned out baggies of carrots, broccoli, strawberries, and cantaloupe. I also put string cheese, colby jack cheese sticks, peaches, and wraps! Not included in the drawer (but nearby) were portioned out bags of cheese its (Mathew’s fave) and whole grain crackers.

This blogger shows you how easy it is to have a healthy snack drawer in your fridge! Helps with lunch planning for the adults in the house, and has handy snacks in reach for your little one! So many ideas!

I’m back to using My Fitness Pal again and wanted to make sure things were easier for me, and convenient for Mathew to grab and throw in his lunch box on the way out the door. It’s completely changed our lunches!

I made wraps with South Beach Diet’s whole wheat wraps, turkey, laughing cow, and veggies (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, etc) . I made sure to figure out exactly what I put in each wrap, input it into MFP, and was able to get the calories Β for each wrap! Even better- I wrote the calories on the outside of the ziploc bag!

This blogger shows you how easy it is to have a healthy snack drawer in your fridge! Helps with lunch planning for the adults in the house, and has handy snacks in reach for your little one! So many ideas!

In the next coming weeks, I plan on pre-making salads, pita pockets, and buying more variety of Β fruit and veggies! I also realized this would be a great idea to have in your fridge if you have kids that you want to become more self sufficient. Portion out their favorite snacks and juice boxes in the bottom fridge drawer so they can reach things themselves!

More ideas for your drawer:
Sugar free pudding
Sugar free Jello
Greek yogurt cups or Chobani Champions
Baggies of celery (put peanut butter in a small container for it!)
Bags of berries (blueberries, raspberries, etc.)
Pretzel sticks (I like the thicker, honey wheat)
Raisin boxes
Vita Tops (I love the chocolate ones! PS they’re in the freezer section)
Trail mix
Dried Fruit

What would be in your healthy snack drawer? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I’ve thought about making this sorta thing part of my routine for putting away groceries. I have little baskets that are ready to go in the fridge for just the occassion…maybe I’ll get motivated and do that today.

    The only way I get my husband to take a decent lunch to work is when I make it for him, otherwise it’s PB&J everyday. Although that is his very favorite sandwich ever. πŸ™‚
    Jessica Roth recently posted…GroundedMy Profile

  2. I hate sandwiches too! I got so frustrated with coming up with lunches that I stashed a box of granola bars in my desk drawer and called it “a working lunch” in my classroom. Definitely not enough energy when you’re teaching kindergartners! I finally have gotten into packing yogurt and mixing in fresh fruit along with crackers for a late-in-the-day snack. I love your snack drawer idea because I love my new lunch but hate packing in the morning. Great idea!
    Kendall recently posted…The Postal Service ConcertMy Profile

  3. Love this idea! Definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing.
    Angela W. recently posted…A Blog Face Lift + 28 Week UpdateMy Profile

  4. This is s such a good way to keep healthy eating on track and lose weight! Good for you! I actually have been doing this for the past few years because it’s the only way I keep my eating on track and don’t get hungry.

  5. Love this idea, I’m making a healthy snack drawer ASAP!

    Carly recently posted…$75 Sephora Gift Card and Summer Beauty FavoritesMy Profile

  6. I definitely get tired of sandwiches & Nate eats one every single day. Drives me crazy that he’d rather take a sandwich to work than leftovers or anything else for that matter.

    I need to start making more lunches ahead of time. I love the idea of wraps. I may have to do that too πŸ™‚
    Amber recently posted…The Fog I’m Living In is a Dark OneMy Profile

  7. This sounds so awesome, I think I will start doing this. I had already started sorting fruits and cheese but never in a designated area for the kids πŸ™‚ That’s actually a really cool idea.

  8. I really need to make one so things like this are easy to grab!

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Kelly recently posted…Thursday Trend: Fourth of JulyMy Profile

  9. I do not know why I have not done this. My kids are home on summer break and always want something and I refuse to give them junk all the time. Most importantly this would be great for ME. I am two and half years out of gastric bypass and have lost over 100lbs. and I’m now struggling to lose about 30 more. I can only eat a little at a time so this would be great.

  10. Fantastic idea! I may have to do this for myself… A really good idea for those with school age kids looking to grab a snack though. If you haven’t already, would be good to share on Pinterest:)

  11. This is a great idea! I definitely need to organize and portion things out.
    Heather recently posted…AlohaMy Profile

  12. I am SO with you. I am so over sandwiches. I need some new ideas for lunches for sure!
    Whitney recently posted…That Time I Shared My Favorite PlaceMy Profile

  13. Great idea!! I don’t really use the drawers in my fridge, but this is a good way to use them.
    Micah recently posted…30 Miles in 30 Days Update: I got lazyMy Profile

  14. Prepping healthy snacks is key. I do this too and it makes it so much easier to eat healthy!! Good for you. Hope you see the results you are hoping for.

  15. I LOVE this idea! Very cool! I may have to do it. I have the worst time with lunches and snacks, and I think this would solve my problems!
    Ashley recently posted…Tuesday TunesMy Profile

  16. I seriously didn’t think anyone else hated sandwiches. I refuse to eat them. Can’t do it. If a sandwich arrives I will completely disassemble it and eat each component individually. Then it’s no longer a sandwich πŸ™‚
    Heather Saffer recently posted…Best Of The WebsMy Profile

  17. You are so not alone. I can’t do sandwiches consistently. It drives James mad because he can. So we do the same thing. We keep a healthy snacks around and we are learning what we can and can’t do for lunches, mostly for my lunches. I can’t wait to see your other lunch options.
    Cody Doll recently posted…Debut-a-Thon: Goals and UpdatesMy Profile

  18. I have done this before, and it’s great! The only question I have is: how do you keep the wraps from getting super soggy?

  19. This is a really great idea!
    In my drawer, I’d put fresh fruit and veggies like you, some cheese, crackers, pretzels, (healthy/natural) chips, nuts, trail mix, granola bars…. the list goes on and on!
    That’s awesome you can count calories – I sure can’t! lol. I SUCKED at MFP, that’s why I quit using it. Too much work for me.
    Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk recently posted…[What I Wore] on my BirthdayMy Profile

  20. This is a fabulous idea! You can also do this in the freezer. Put in yogurt, fruit (especially grapes), etc. and have nice cool snacks for in the summer πŸ™‚

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  22. i dont have a healthy snack drawer but i found by pre portioning things like grapes, snack mix and salads that its much easier to not overeat
    lorrie recently posted…SYTYCD Week 6My Profile

  23. I love this idea! I have never thought to put premade wraps down in the drawer with my fruit and stuff so the kids and the hubby can just grab and go, one thing I’m wondering though…don’t the wraps gets soggy with the veggies already in them?

  24. Awesome idea! This is very similar to what I have to do for our type1 diabetic daughter since we have to count the carbs in everything she eats The pre-packaged snacks makes it so much easier when she gets home from school!
    Milita recently posted…Oatmeal Banana Breakfast MuffinsMy Profile

  25. Ahh I am so glad I’m not the only lady in the world who is sick of the other half eatting sandwich after sandwich for lunch
    Stephie recently posted…Patchwork Snuggle TimesMy Profile

  26. This is such an awesome idea! Wow! Thanks for the tip! I am going to be doing this definitely!
    Katy recently posted…Jan 2, Baking With SteviaMy Profile

  27. I love making baggies of snacks!! It’s easier to get all of the peeling, chopping, and portioning done in one sitting.
    When I do make sandwiches for our lunches, I only put on the meat, cheese, and spread. Then I pack a small baggie of tomatoes and pickles (our favorite sandwich accessories) so it doesn’t get soggy. When you are ready to eat your sandwich at work (or home), just throw on the extras.
    I used to write out a list on the fridge so I would remember to throw everything I needed in my lunch & snack bag: sandwich, extras, yogurt, fruit, veggies, dip, water bottle, granola/protein bar, spoon & napkin.

  28. Hey,

    Fab ideas! I like freezing tube yogurts… they defrost by lunchtime and keep lunch nice and fresh!

  29. This is such a great idea! The only thing I would change is to use re-usable containers. The sight of all those zip-loc bags kinda hurts my tree-hugging heart, but I’m just going to pretend that everyone washes and reuses theirs. Sorry to be THAT person on the comments — it really is a fabulous idea and would be equally attractive in clear plastic containers! <3

  30. Hi love the planning and organisation with this. Just need to know how do you stop the sandwiches from Hong soggy? Thank you

  31. Quick Question, how long does the stuff keep (fruit, sandwiches, etc). Do you just reload every weekend, I love this idea, I just dont want to waste food πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great idea.

  32. Great ideas for a healthy snack drawer! We’ve put together a great article on how to snack healthy while you’re on the road. It’s insane that most people don’t know that you need to eat every 2 hours to curb hunger and cravings. Check out our article here

  33. How long do u keep the food in the drawer

  34. I have a drawer filled w yogurts and fruit cups in water/juice and applesauce for the kids to choose from at lunchtime or snack. I have a bowl in the door filled w cheese sticks. If the fruit would stay goodid prepare fruit but it goes bad to fast for us. Ill use some of your ideas this summer. This summer i will have an almost 7 yr old who rarely ever eator requests a snack and a infant and then me. Connor is very picky to. He wont eat any kind of melon except cantelope, no berries of any kind, will eat apples but no oranges. We are trying pears this week and hopefully he’ll eat that! Think ill use some of the list for me. Thx!

  35. Annette says:

    My children are huge fans of hummus, so I would add portion sizes containers of hummus with baggies of cauliflower, carrots and pretzels…YUM!

  36. That is an amazing idea!!
    ezfix recently posted…Swidish CrepesMy Profile

  37. I love the idea also . Just have one question , how do u keep the strawberries /fruit from turning colors after it has been cut ? My kids will love this . Thanks

    • Hi, Marie! Mom to mom here, I soak our berries in a 10-parts-water to 1-part-white-vinegar bath for at least 15 minutes when I wash them. It cleans them and kills mold spores, so they last longer. I can’t figure out how to prevent raspberries from getting a bit squishy, though :o(

      • We soak berries (just for a few minutes) in vinegar & water as well, then dry them. Berries are so perishable otherwise! Raspberries…. you just have to eat them that day or the next. No getting around it.

        Other ideas:
        – Freeze grapes for a healthy frozen treat (strawberries might fly if you put them on a stick for easy eating)
        – cherry tomatoes with slices of string cheese alternating on a stick. Basil leaf if your kids can handle it-
        – freezer burritos — just beans and cheese and a little salsa. Bonus points for cooking your own beans.

    • I use the juice of 1/2 lime or lemon juice you can use less just go by the taste.

  38. My daughter shares your dislike of sandwiches, all the way down to only liking a “PB no J”. :o) I started this exact project when she was in kindergarten and we both needed a quick way to make lunches that were easy, healthy and kid-approved. Thank you for the bonus ideas I didn’t think of (pudding! yum!) and I’ll add a few for you: I will peel and section oranges or clementines for baggies, or peel and slice apples (soaking them in apple juice to prevent both browning and that “lemon juice taste”) and when I do grapes, I’ll mix together red and green so it’s more “interesting”. I also have a freezer bin with bagged-up homemade cookies, brownies and muffins. Both my kids love having a muffin, yogurt and fruit for lunch.

  39. Great ideas! I know I would make healthier choices if I didn’t have the prep work to do when I am hungry “right now.” However, I do want to caution you on the use of reduced fat/fat free/sugar free items. The chemicals they use to replace the fats in foods are dangerous & bad for bodies!

  40. Great ideas for snacking. It is a great way to get in whole food nutrition on the go. Just a caution though to avoid fat free & sugar free foods… They contain aspartame & other chemicals that are harmful. And when choosing vegetables & dairy organic is best to reduce the pesticides, hormones etc.

  41. I love this idea for a healthy drawer! So gonna have to do this in my fridge! Thanks for sharing sweet girl..

  42. Every kind of fruit and veggie. I love them!
    Also, cheese sticks… but not now because of whole30!

  43. Sheryce says:

    I was wondering how you make the wraps and what you put them. Do you have problems with the getting soggy? Do you use mustard, lettuce, or tomato?

    I love this idea and would love to try it but I’m afraid it will not taste fresh when am ready to eat them. Also, how long is too long, rather, how long is their refrigeration life?

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  45. I would love to add to this. My husband loves crackers and stuff like that. So maybe even buy a basket keep it in the pantry. Have little dry snack things that can be grabbed or even just snack time. I am in love with this idea and can’t wait till the next trip to the grocery store! πŸ˜€

  46. I love this idea but how do you keep the fruit fresh or how many days do you prepare ahead?

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  51. How do u keep the fruit from going bad?

  52. This is an AWESOME idea! Being a single mom, with a 3 and 4 year old.. this is definitely something I’ll start doing starting today! I’m teaching my kids to be more independent, so this is a WINNING idea, for them to easily grab a bag for snack time or on our way out the door for our commute.

  53. This is a great idea. I have a soon to be 5yo who is headed to Pre-K. Picking out his own things is inportant to him. We already have a snack box innthe pantry, with lots of healthy options. Plus a few special treats.