I don’t participate in too many swaps because $20 here and $20 there can get kinda pricey and totally not in our budget. However, when Ashlee and Jessica tweeted that they were looking for another person for their swap to make it even, I happily joined. To make things even better, I actually got paired up with Ashlee for the swap! 
I was SO excited to be paired up with her because I’d recently been a new follower and had tweeted her a couple of times, and swaps are the perfect opportunity to get to know someone better! I sent Ashlee candy corn, Kardashian Kolor nail polishes, and a beautiful knitted infinity scarf. This is what she sent me:
a sweet letter, nail files, polishes, and a scarf! 
I love it all and I feel like she totally “got” me! I wore my scarf the day I dyed my hair this weekend (did I mention that I went “fall blonde”?) and I felt so pretty after a fresh, dye, cut, and a cute scarf to boot! 
The chambray makes another appearance!

P.S. I hope y’all don’t think I wear this shirt EVERY day. It’s just so cozy and I love it haha. Anyway, Thanks so much Ashlee. It’s PERFECT!

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