St. Patrick’s Day is a day I love, but never really got to celebrate until I got married and lived in my own house. My sister is a St. Patrick’s Day baby so it was always a day to celebrate her. Sometimes we’d have shamrock themed decorations for her and sometimes random birthday party decor. Now that Mathew and I have been married a good while, he’s learned that I love to have Pinterest-perfect parties. I can’t help it- I just love to go all out. So while thinking about St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I wanted to share with you all my picks for having a Pinterest-perfect St. Patrick’s Day party that everyone in your house will enjoy.

Looking to have the pinterest perfect St. Patrick's Day Party? These party must haves are right on point!

I split the Pinterest-perfect items into two categories: decor and fashion to make it a little easier when shopping! This St. Patrick’s Day party guide is perfect for every single age, and you can take these items and have a toddler party, a mom night out party, or even a party with friends.

1| St. Patrick’s Day Party Collection I love this party collection set of plates, napkins, and cups. They’re fun and festive, and of course, green! Give me cheesy paper goods any day for a party to get the theme going!

2| Multicolored Balloons + Balloon Pump + Balloon Arch Strip Ask anyone in my family- balloons are a staple party item here. With Helium being hard to find and expensive, we opt for a billion balloons and a balloon pump. Once you use your balloon pump to blow up all your balloons, stick them onto a balloon arch strip and you’ve got a snazzy focal point for your St. Patrick’s Day party. I promise, this doesn’t disappoint. 

3| Rainbow Party Decor Another staple for that Pinterest-perfect St. Patrick’s Day party has got to be this rainbow decor set. The rainbow tassles, multicolored dot streamer, and paper poufs will make your venue (or home!) look extra fancy. Plus, you can save them and reuse them for birthday parties. Win all around! 

4| Inflatable Rainbow Arch If you want to make a big impact on decor, don’t skip out on this inflatable rainbow arch for your St. Patrick’s Day party. My friends and family accuse me (in the best way possible) of being “too extra” but I can’t help it! Make an impression and grab this. It lights up and is huge. Perfect to put in your front yard!

5| St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Backdrop I’m a sucker for a good photo booth. Put this photo booth backdrop with some props and a camera and let people go crazy. Great to have people do while they wait for more guests to arrive at the party.

6| St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Props I mean, can these BE any more hilarious? The best photo booths are the ones with props, right? Kids and adults will get good laughs out of these during the St. Patrick’s Day party. Save them for Halloween too for a quick costume on the fly!

7| St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Clover Handbag I absolutely love this clover handbag. Such a statement piece and perfect for the kid or kid-at-heart. It’s fun, it’s festive, and it’s darn right cute. Everyone at the St. Patrick’s Day party will be asking you where you got it.

8| St. Patrick’s Day Earrings If you aren’t the “extra” kind of gal, throw on a cute top for St. Patrick’s Day and add these earrings. Bonus for them being just green so you can wear them year-round and not just for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

9| St. Patrick’s Day Matching Family Pajamas There’s nothing more that makes a party Pinterest-perfect than matching outfits. These pajamas are perfect for everyone in the family and will look great on everyone. You and your family will be the hit of the St. Patrick’s Day party with these!

10| St. Patrick’s Day Party Favor Pins When talking to Mathew about this list of amazing St. Patrick’s Day party gear, I let him put his 2 cents in. He said it’s not a St. Patrick’s Day party without pins to wear. I opted for a more classy pin than the “kiss me I’m Irish” pins. These come in a set and are a perfect party favor and will prevent your guests from getting pinched.

Which Pinterest-perfect St. Patrick’s Day party items are your favorite? Are you an “extra” party planner or more the simple type?

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