Being that today is my last holiday as a “single lady”, I have to say that I am seriously EXCITED! I do miss the fact that I can’t spend Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings today, but I get to see them next week, and I’m super excited.

Today, I am thankful for so many things:
1) Mathew. I love him more than he will ever even know. He is so special to me, and has really shown me what it’s like to be in a happy, loving, and trusting relationship. I can’t wait to be his wife next week!

2) Family. My family is a huge part of my life even though they are 3, 5, and 8 hours away. We talk often, and we joke SO much. I very much appreciate my family and how great they are (though they can be crazy sometimes.) I also have some amazing nieces who never cease to amaze me with their kindness (and sometimes their fun diva attitudes). I also am thankful for Mathew’s family. They have made me feel like one of their own since the day I met them (even Mathew’s cute little Granny who told me she loved me the first night I met her).

3) Sunday School class. We have been so privileged to be in a great Sunday School class. We already had Thanksgiving with them this past Sunday, and I couldn’t imagine being apart of a more awesome group of people. I hope we’ll continue to get to know them better and make life long friendships.

There are so many more things I am thankful for, but those are some of my very long list.

Also, did y’all know that today means I get to show you the 10 day weather forecast?! AHHH it’s so close! So here it is:

Looks like the weather should be pretty decent on Saturday! I don’t mind that it’ll be a little cloudy that morning, and it says afternoon sun! Sounds good to me! Let’s just hope that little bit of rain on Friday doesn’t turn into something worse.

Anyway, hope everyone has an AMAZING Thanksgiving today (and don’t go too crazy on Black Friday!) hehe.

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