The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our 6th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED (as usual!) for all you to join us today.

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1.Saturday was a HUGE cleaning day for Mathew and I. I don’t usually look forward to cleaning days but I found my Michael Kors earrings! I lost them around Christmas time and apparently they were hiding under a huge forever 21 box I used to put stocking stuffers we got. I was SO happy I found them! I know it sounds like I’m always losing things, but I swear I’m not.


Michael Kors Rose Gold Huggie Earring
Michael Kors Rose Gold Huggie Earring

2. I had my second observation for student teaching this week. The first observation went well but I had a lot of “satisfactory” and some “strength” and THIS time I had ALL “strength”! Made me so happy.

3. I got my clothes in from Hope’s for Blissdom! Totally can’t wait!

4. Pearl got her first Barkbox yesterday and LOVES it. She got 3 treats and 2 toys! If you visit Barkbox from this post, you can get $5 off HERE if you want to order one for your dog.

Pearl’s Barkbox

5. I totally saw a guy at the post office the other day with a Dark Mark tattoo. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I seriously got excited. Do y’all like my secretive pic?

Harry Potter Dark Mark Tattoo
Dark Mark guy

6. Neely, Sarah, and Sar (and their guys) are coming to my house this weekend! I’m SO excited to have them over. I love them! We’re gonna have a photo shoot this weekend, and I’m excited to add Sarah into our group picture.

Blogger meet up: The Vintage Modern Wife, A Complete Waste of Makeup, and Life of Love Blog
Me, Neely, and Sar (before we met Sarah)

7. I’ve been working out more recently (because I want to look fab by summer) and y’all know I’m like in LOVE with my ThomasKelly Ladera leggings. They easily go from the gym to the grocery store, post office- wherever! They’re super comfortable, have a smooth elastic waistband, and hide all those lumps and bumps to make you look thinner!
ThomasKelly Ladera Leggings
I totally wore this Old Navy shirt with my leggings and my flats and went to the store in these yesterday and I don’t think ANYONE realized they were workout pants. SCORE! All I know, is that I’m totally wearing these leggings to Crossfit this Saturday. At least I’ll look cute while my butt is being kicked. ANYWAY, This “happy” is for YOU guys, because ThomasKelly is GIVING AWAY a pair JUST for you! After you’ve linked up, scroll to the bottom of this post and enter!

ThomasKelly Ladera Leggings
ThomasKelly Ladera Leggings

1. I’m on my period this week. Sorry if it’s TMI, but hey, it’s my blog. I hate that one week a month. Makes me feel SO bloated and disgusting. Plus, I always crave salty things during that time, but it always makes it worse.

2. I found out my graduation is at 7:30 at NIGHT. What the heck!? Who graduates that late?! Plus, the school I go to is actually an hour and a half away (I take the classes from my university at the community college so I don’t have to drive) so I have to go early, go to graduation, and get home really late. All I’ve gotta say is, this better be worth it!

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