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Welcome to our VERY FIRST Happies and Crappies link up day! I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED for all you to join us today. Because Sarah and I are so excited for you to join us, we added ONE more giveaway entry to Rafflecopter JUST for today through Sunday (so you have time to link up if you forgot). All you have to to is link up below, and then put your URL in your post also in Rafflecopter showing us that you linked up!

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1. I finally got to teach this week. Most of the lessons were kind of impromptu so I had no time to be nervous. They went really well for both classes and I was pretty proud of myself!
2. I got a BzzKit yesterday from BzzAgent for Kelloggs Crunchy Nut! I had some as a snack last night and it’s so good 🙂 Psst- if you want a coupon, leave a comment!
3.I have an amazing husband. That’s always a happy. He seriously treats me so well and is so loving. I don’t know how I managed to hit the jackpot. Plus- we were watching the first episode of Mad Men and the credits played “On the Street Where You Live.” One of my favorite movies is My Fair Lady, and I asked him if he knew where the song was from and he totally did! I knew I married right!
4. I got to meet my supervisor again for student teaching. She’s so nice and really is making me feel more relaxed about everything.
5. Mathew’s cousin, Laura, gets married tomorrow! Sadly, we can’t be there but I can’t wait to see pictures.
6. I technically have a 4 day weekend! We are off on Monday for MLK and then I have a school thing out of town with my cohort, so really I’ll only be at the elementary Wed-Fri!
7. I got a new iPhone case from Bella Vita! I’m pretty excited to tell y’all about them and give one away.
8. We hit up the mall the other day and got a yummy smelling candle on the cheap, AND some body wash! I love Bath and Body Works’ semi-annual sale.
9. The blog has been on FIRE this month. I’m SO glad I committed myself to blog as often as possible. This time last year I had just gotten married and was so wrapped up in being a wife that I blogged like maybe 5 times in 6 months.
10. I have the best friends ever- online AND here.


1. Mathew is sick this week. He’s extra pathetic when he’s sick, and I feel so bad that all I can really do is give him medicine. Since he used so much of his time off for the ski accident, he really can’t take any more days off unless it’s an emergency.
2. Because Mathew is sick, we didn’t get to have happy hour with Sar and her man, RP3. Hopefully I’ll get to go next week and meet up with her!
3. Pearl peed on our bed Thursday. She had to go outside really badly in the morning and I just wasn’t getting dressed fast enough.
4. We had to watch my mother-in-law’s dog, Flurrie, and she gets nervous staying in other people’s homes. She had several accidents in the house. With Mathew on crutches, it’s hard for him to help, so I got stuck with cleaning up pee everywhere. Wanted. To. Vomit.
5. My phone constantly dies by the time it’s 8 pm.

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