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The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Welcome to our  28th week of Happies and Crappies link up day! We wouldn’t have been around for so long if it wasn’t for you awesome ladies linking up, so we really appreciate you!

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1. I’ve been working VBS all week and been able to spend time with my friend Lauren! She’s such a blast and I’ve missed her lots.

2. My awesome friend Austin gave me a $20 gift card to my favorite frozen custard place, Katie’s, and it’s been such a nice treat to go a couple times and not have to worry about paying for dessert.

3. Our church hosted a night at the zoo on Wednesday night. They had burgers and bounce houses for the kids, and most of the exhibits open for our church to have all to ourselves. It was a blast and we hung out with Lauren, Jeremy, and the Hood and Bowden fams.

Mathew and I took a picture in the giraffe area. You can see it in the background!

I LOVE the meerkats at the zoo and this one cracked me up! He was SO cute. Definitely wanted to take him home!

You can’t go to the zoo and not see an elephant booty. It’s just not a trip unless you do!

Speaking of booties, my friend Brittney took this picture of us watching the elephants. I kinda like it!


1. VBS has drained me so much. Our apartment is a wreck, I haven’t gone to the grocery store, and we need to do laundry BADLY. But when I get home from VBS I just want to sit since I’ve been up on my feet all day. Then I get home, watch like one episode of Melissa and Joey, and fall asleep until Mathew gets home from work. Let’s just say that we’ve been either eating out or going to my in laws for dinner this week.

2. I’m worried about teaching. If I’m SO tired from VBS how will I survive teaching?

Now it’s your turn to link up! Tell us about the Happies and Crappies from your week!

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  1. Sounds like a crazy fun time! That giraffe photobomb pic is the bomb dot com. Thanks for hosting loves!

    Kristine –The Foley Fam {unedited}
    Kristine @the foley fam recently posted…Happies & CrappiesMy Profile

  2. I love the zoo! I also love and need many naps. You will adjust once teaching. Give yourself a break now since you can!!!! 🙂
    Jodi recently posted…A Big DayMy Profile

  3. Teaching is NOTHING like VBS, although you will be exhausted the first week of school (no matter how long you have been teaching).
    You are born to be a teacher, no nerves needed!
    Getting so excited for you!!!
    Meg Cady recently posted…High Five Fro Friday No. 42My Profile

  4. VBS looks fun! Busy summer days/weeks are great. Put your feet up and relax at the end of the day! Messy houses and groceries will be there tomorrow (or the next day…. or the next).
    Erin recently posted…Happies and CrappiesMy Profile

  5. Ooh! You’re making me want to visit the zoo! I don’t think my niece has ever been. Hmm….
    Ryanne recently posted…Happies and CrappiesMy Profile

  6. Don’t worry, teaching will be exhausting…..but you’ll adjust!


  7. I love the zoo!! I’m about to start my 2nd year of teaching. There will obviously be ups & downs but I promise you’ll survive! If you ever have any questions or just need to vent about your 1st year feel free to contact me!
    Bri @ My Life As… recently posted…Happies & CrappiesMy Profile

  8. Zoo night? How fun is that?

    Sparkles and Shoes
    Kelly recently posted…A Few of My Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  9. I am loving this happies & crappies link up! I just started this Friday. The zoo sounds like so much fun but it’s super hot & humid here in Houston! Plus I am 25 weeks pregnant and getting to the point where my ankles swell – no fun! I am not a teacher but I was always a teachers pet & I had more teacher friends than I had friends, and they all inspired me to be the person I am today. That sounds so lame and cheesy but just know you will make a difference in someone’s life 🙂

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love
    Brittney recently posted…HAPPIES & CRAPPIES: A LINK UP!My Profile

  10. Saw this on Karla’s page (: and I love this link up. I am trying to not do a bunch of link ups but this one is too cute to not do (:
    Kiesha Cross recently posted…I’m Back (:My Profile

  11. LOVE all the pix of the zoo! How fun that you were with the giraffes! Giraffes are by far my favorite — maybe it’s because I’m so tall I can relate to them? 😉
    As for teaching and being tired… it’s going to happen. Some days will be totally draining, some will be rewarding, and some will be just “meh”. You’ll get used to it though — just continue to take care of YOURSELF. Work out, eat healthy, do what makes you happy… some wine, a pedi, reading a book, just don’t forget yourself. Those kiddos deserve a great teacher but in order to stay great you have to take care of your needs too.
    Also… how do you link your IG pix like that!?
    Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk recently posted…Happies and Crappies [28]My Profile

  12. It sounds like it’s been overall a good week! I hope you are having a great weekend!
    Shelley recently posted…The Bachelorette: Men Tell AllMy Profile