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Tired of having to fight frizzy curly hair? The Vintage Modern Wife has AMAZING tips that have really helped me! I don't have frizzy curly hair anymore!

Having curly hair in Texas is not exactly the best thing in the world. I lived by the Gulf Coast almost my entire life and dreaded days when the humidity was high. I would get frizzy curly hair and even was nicknamed “Simba” by my older sister because my hair resembled a lion’s mane. I tried so hard to straighten it, but in the early 2000’s, hair straightening was a new idea and flat irons were incredibly costly. I tried everything to fight frizzy curly hair, but in the end, Texas humidity always won. It was a tough battle, especially in high school, when looks seem to be everything. I really had to learn how to care for my frizzy curly hair, and I was able to transform it from Simba hair to Shirley Temple ringlets. I even had a friend that had frizzier hair than I did, and when I shared my secrets with her, her life literally changed all because of her hair and my tips. I won’t lie- I didn’t really want to share my tips with others when I was in high school. I felt like I had a big advantage over others with my smoothing techniques, but now I feel like it’s time to share what I know so I can help others feeling less beautiful about themselves. I want to help others fight frizzy curly hair with Suave Professionals so they can gain confidence back like I did and #LiveBeautifully.

Tired of having to fight frizzy curly hair? The Vintage Modern Wife has AMAZING tips that have really helped me! I don't have frizzy curly hair anymore!

Here’s how I fight frizzy curly hair with Suave Professionals:

I start out with Suave Professionals Sleek Conditioner (28 oz.) in the shower. What?! No shampoo? That’s right, no shampoo. When I have curly hair, for the day, the LAST thing I want is to dry my hair out with a shampoo. Generally, curly girls have more dry hair than straight-haired girls, so we can go without shampoo. I know it’s weird at first, but trust me. I use about a quarter size of conditioner (sometimes more because I have a ton of hair) and really scrub my roots and work the conditioner down to the ends of my hair. Then, while I’m still in the shower, I use a wide-toothed comb and detangle my hair. Let the conditioner sit 5 minutes, and rinse.

Before getting out of the shower, I crimp my hair with my hands and squeeze out as much water as possible. This is a VITAL step and wringing out your hair will completely mess up the process. Just cup your hair in your hands and gently squeeze, doing small sections at a time. You can also use an old t-shirt to help dry your hair in this same way if you need your hair dried faster. Then, I put on some Suave Professionals Keratin Heat Leave In Conditioner (5 oz.) to prep my hair and just give it extra conditioning for less frizzy curly hair.

Using about a dime to nickel size of Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream (3.5 oz), you’ll want to rub your hands together and cup your curls as you put on the cream. You want to make sure you just don’t slap it onto your hair with the palm of your hands. Take the extra time to cup small sections of curls so your frizzy curly hair becomes no more.

Finally, I finish off my curls with Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse (7.0 oz.). I like a lot of mousse, and my absolute FAVORITE thing about this mousse is that it doesn’t get crispy on me. There is nothing I hate more than curly hair that is crispy. Curls should be bouncy and soft, not weighed down and crispy. Rub the mousse in your hands, cup your hands onto your curls and scrunch up. Make sure you get the back of your hair really well. That’s the area of my hair that tends to give me frizzy curly hair the most, because my head rubs on chair backs during the day.

After I do my frizzy curly hair preventative routine, I let my hair air dry. I have never had luck with a diffuser because they always make my hair frizzy, so I just let my hair naturally air dry and I have perfect curls all day long. If I don’t have time to jump in the shower the next day (moms, I know you can relate!) I like to use Suave Professionals Moroccan Dry Shampoo (4.3 oz.)  to give my hair some oomph and then I use a 1/2 inch curling iron  to re-curl any pieces that got messed up while I slept and to give my hair a little touch up.

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I grab all my Suave Professionals products at H-E-B (because seriously, where else do people shop in Texas?! It’s amazing!) and they truly are amazing for fighting frizzy curly hair so I can live beautifully. To Suave, living beautifully means helping women and families find, create and appreciate the beauty in their lives every day through their high-quality products priced at a great value. Suave wants to celebrate the little things that people do to make their lives more beautiful, and right now, Suave is inviting YOU to share how you live beautifully for a chance to win 1 of 50 $50 gift cards to H-E-B. Send Suave and H-E-B an example of your creative spirit by uploading a photo here of how you “live beautifully” in your day-to-day life. After you’ve entered, share your photo to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram using the #SuaveLiveBeautifully hashtag.

I really hope you’ll Live Beautifully with me and use Suave to fight frizzy curly hair. Let me know how much you love it and go enter the contest. You never know, you might win $50!

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