Y’all know I love me a good blate. Meeting other bloggers makes me SO happy (especially if I’ve been reading their blogs for a while!)
I Love You, Blogs and Coffee

I’ve really been trying to “get out there” and meet bloggers, especially with Blissdom coming up. I feel like smaller blogger meet ups and blates are the best way to really test the waters before a huge blog conference. So when Jenn sent the word out that she wanted to have an Austin meet up, I couldn’t help but say yes. AND- I’m SO glad I did!

There’s not too much to say about it (other than the fact that all the ladies were absolutely awesome!). So without further ado…

Coral Top with Turquoise Bubble Necklace
I pretty much got more ready for this blogger meet up than I have for most date nights with Mathew lately. Oops!
Bloggers: Life of Love (Sar) and The Vintage Modern Wife (Stephanie)
When Mathew isn’t around, I totally do the “signature pose” with Sar!
The Mrs and the Momma (Kristen) and The Vintage Modern Wife (Stephanie)
I got to meet Kristen from The Mrs. and the Momma! I’ve read her blog for a while so I was excited!
The Vintage Modern Wife (Stephanie) and Savanah Smiles (Savanah)
Met Savanah from Savanah Smiles! I have read her blog for a while too so I was so happy. I wish we could’ve talked more!
The Vintage Modern Wife & Shanna Said So
Shanna from Shanna Said so was a sweetheart! P.S.- random but I feel very T-Swizzle in this pic. I think it’s the waves.
Austin Blogger Meet Up
Emily, Me, Jenn, and Sarah at Doc’s on Congress!
Jen, Me, and Sar
Jen, me, and Sar. Jen’s a photographer and I really wish I’d gotten to talk to her more too. (Sar was being a hog with her lol)
Turquoise and Coral tops from Perfectly Jenn & The Vintage Modern Wife
Jenn and I at the meet up. Aren’t we cute in our coordinating flowy tops?
Austin Blogger Meet Up Jan 2013
You know you have a good friend in someone when you ask them to crop your butt from a pic and they do! Anyway, here’s our side of the table: me, Kristen, Savanah, Shanna, Emily, Jenn, Sarah, and Allison.
Austin Blogger Meet Up Jan 2013
The ENTIRE group! There were so many of us!

After a delicious lunch at Doc’s on South Congress, we decided to walk down to Hey- Cupcake. Sadly, several bloggers had to leave, so it was just 6 of us that went to get cuppies.

First of all, I know the whole saying for Waco is “Keep Waco, Wacko” but let me tell you, there is NOTHING “wacko” about Waco. There IS, however, something WEIRD about Austin, hence their “Keep Austin Weird” catchphrase. Um, I love Austin, but that’s not something to be proud of haha. During our walk down to Hey- Cupcake I had not ever seen so many crazies or “crunchies” in one place in my life (…and I’ve been to NYC y’all!) It was like being in a Twilight zone. Sar even got pictures of some weirdo dudes performing some witchcraft that they were filming. BIZARRE!

Anyway, I digress…

Hey Cupcake trailer
The Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress in Austin
Hey Cupcake menu
The menu for Hey Cupcake (check out the Michael Jackson! Bahahaha!)
Sweet Berry Cupcake
My Sweetberry cupcake from Hey Cupcake! Best cupcake EVER
Emily and Savanah
Emily and Savanah with their huge cuppies
Steph and Hello Cupcake
When Sar tells you to take a huge bite of your cupcake for a picture, you don’t think- you just do it!
I love you so much wall
Emily, Savanah, Jenn, me, Sar, and Sarah at the I love you so much wall on Congress. I love bloggers!
Jenn & Stephanie wearing teal and coral with statement necklaces!
Last picture of the day! My new IRL friend, Jenn and I before we all said goodbye! Thanks Sar for taking such a good pic (as usual)
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