Ok, forget it. I CAN NOT WAIT any longer. I have been taking pictures to document the save the date process since we got them yesterday from Brittney. They’re just too great for me not to share them. I put the STD in the mail this afternoon, so they should be going out in the morning. I know I showed you all the outtakes, but now it’s time for the real thing! So, without further ado, the Save the Dates and the mailing out process!

The front. Didn’t Brittney do a great job? Not to mention, our photogs did an amazing job too!

The back of them. They have our wedding website which is wonderful!

The box with all the save the date goodness!

My peek before taking off the band.

The “omgosh it’s PERFECT” first look.

Our awesome STD return address stamp. It’s a shame to delete some, but you know, safety purposes and all.

Officially stuffed.

The stacks of all stamped, stuffed, and ready-to-go envelopes!

This way my BEST FRIEND today. No licking envelopes for me, and since I don’t have one of those sponge thingies, it was good ole paintbrush and water for me!

I stuffed, sealed, stamped, and addressed the STDs all by myself. It was one of those things that I just felt so much pride in. It makes everything officially official, and I wanted it to be MY task- no one elses. I’m sure there will be things later on I’ll like my bridesmaids to help me with, but I definitely wanted to do this alone. I’m so happy the way they turned out and I can’t wait til we get phone calls and Facebook messages telling us how much they love it and that they’ll be hoping to attend!

So, what do y’all think? 😉

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