Lemons. They’re great in lemonade, in water, and on seafood. Well- sometimes.

Our sour anniversary started out rough. Mathew woke me up (as usual) on his way out the door to work and told me he was sick. Definitely not what he needs, but I told him I’d doctor him up when he came home. Then, at work, I was hungry and had barely had a lunch (half of a left over sammy) and ate some peanut butter with crackers. BIG MISTAKE. I started feeling really funny about 30 mins later and ended up having to go home from work because I was queasy, wanted to throw up, and just had a general upset stomach.

On my way home, I realized I’d missed a call from the lady at the stationery store where our programs were being made. She mentioned that she had a proof ready, and would like me to pick it up. Almost at the point of being able to hold in everything in my stomach, I reluctantly went inside and picked up the program proof. It. Was. Gorgeous. (and everything I’d hoped it’d look like). In any case, I came home and did the inevitable- I threw up. Luckily, I had a couple hours until Mathew came home (we were going to go out for an anniversary dinner) so I hoped that I’d feel better by then.

Once Mathew called to tell me he was coming home, I asked if he’d bought me an anniversary card. He admitted that he planned on going to the store after work, and we both realized it would be moot to both go out to the store right then and there to buy each other cards. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed (because I was) but then at the same time, we’re getting married in 18 days, so I’d rather save money to buy our tv next week or things like that. In any case, Mathew came home, picked me up (I was feeling semi-better by then) and we went to Best Buy to see if the tv that they’ll have on Black Friday was there yet so we could check out how it looked.

The tv thing didn’t quite pan out (as the tv wasn’t out yet- but it will probably be out next week) and we had this super chatty salesgirl helping us. She’d helped us in the past and had asked us (both times) how long we’d been engaged, if she could see my ring, etc. She wouldn’t ever let us go, and it was extremely uncomfortable trying to leave the tv department at Best Buy. Once we were finally able to get out, we made our way to Red Lobster.

Now let me preface this by saying we NEVER. EVER. EVER. eat at Red Lobster. If you know me at all, you’ll know that my favorite place is Olive Garden. Sure, it’s a chain, and sure it’s nothing like real Italian, but dang it- I love their alfredo! I digress- so we went to Red Lobster and were quite excited we were going somewhere different for a change, and ate our salads and drank our waters (with lemon) to our heart’s content. We laughed and joked and talked until our food arrived, and then we dove in.

That is…until…I squeezed several pieces of lemon onto my piece of fish and then found…a roach on a lemon! OH GROSS. Completely scarred for life by the roach, we both quit eating and asked for a manager. They comped us our “meal” (which we ate 1 bite out of) and we left without turning back.

We ended up going next door to Olive Garden, ordering alfredo pizza (also telling the waiter we immediately needed wine and a water with NO lemon), and eating one piece of pizza each.

Needless to say, this wasn’t the best anniversary ever- but at least we’ll be making it up in 18 days. I’m pretty disappointed, but at least happy that I got to spend the day with the best man ever.

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