I was so fortunate to have won this lovely award from Kristina at Pretty Rambles and knew I had to share the wealth!

Rules for Winning:

{one} Thank the person(s) who gave you the award and link back to them: Kristina, you are too sweet for giving me this award! I love reading your blog and getting to know more about you and your wedding 🙂

{two} Share Seven Things About Yourself:
1.) I love coming home to Mathew every day after work and school. It’s just so nice to have someone I can have waiting for me!

2.) I still can’t believe our wedding is almost here. Getting RSVPs in the mail still isn’t making it all real!

3.) I love to make my homemade chicken alfredo. I love that pretty much everyone says it’s the best they’ve ever had.

4.) I’m actually a little scared for Mathew and I to be on our own. It sounds silly, but it’s just because I’ve never lived on my own before!

5.) Mathew and I are addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. We recently bought the last 2 seasons (we own all of them) and have been doing a marathon.

6.) I wake up every day at 6:44 am regardless of whether I have my alarm on or not. Always ONE minute before my alarm.

7.) I always get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks the first day of fall where I know it’s supposed to be cold all day. There’s no point in getting the whole feeling of fall if it’s going to be 50 in the morning and by noon it’s 89 degrees.

{three} Pass The Award On to Fifteen Newly Discovered Blogs
Some of these blogs are new and some of them aren’t. They’re definitely some of my favorites though! If you aren’t one of their readers, you should be!

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