Please tell me you get my reference to Clueless with my title. Yes? No?

This weekend I got to hang out with my awesome ladies once more. I always have such a great time when Neely and Sar come over, and this time Sarah got to hang out with us too. Here’s a SMALL glimpse into our weekend. P.S.- for the record…when hanging out with bloggers you met online, it’s probably not a good idea to watch Catfish the movie.

Georges Big O mango/lime margarita

Neely being a goober with a bear hat at Target

Probably my 3rd glass of wine of the night
This is what happens when you ask Mathew
to take a photo of you. He takes one of himself.

Group pic before our video debut! Me, Sar,
Neely, and Sarah

We’re excited! (and Pearl just looks funny)

Sarah and I. LOVE this gal!

We’re SO in the holiday spirit

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