I’m going to be honest, I’m a bad blogger. I am terrible at reading blogs, and more than that, I’m terrible at commenting on the blogs that I actually DO read. When it comes to blogs I love, I generally don’t use Bloglovin or any other way to follow, I just type in the URL or have it saved in my bookmarks. One blog that I consistently go back to is Maskcara. I originally found her on Pinterest after I realized that I kept pinning pictures of her makeup and hair tutorials. She sucked me in with her perfect photographs and easy to follow YouTube videos. After following her for a year or so now, I got really excited to hear that she had come out with her own makeup line to perfect the HAC (highlighting and contouring). After talking with other blogger friends, and even some people that aren’t bloggers, I realized I HAD to have the Maskcara IIID Foundation. More so, I had to have the Maskcara HAC pack.

I love this Maskcara IIID Foundation HAC Pack! Definitely an easy way to highlight and contour

I’d been gearing up for Christmas at my parent’s house this weekend and FINALLY opened my last present- the HAC pack. I just about died with excitement. I sent pictures of the boxes of goodies to my friends and they all excitedly replied that I HAD to show them the results and give my review.

Love this review from The Vintage Modern Wife on Maskcara IIID Foundation HAC pack! What a difference!
Left: Before, washed face with  Simple moisturizer; Right: Maskcara IIID Foundation HAC pack, Naked 3 eyeshadow palette, They’re Real mascara, and MAC lipstick

Let me tell you something first- NEITHER of these pictures is edited in ANY way, NOR do they have any filters. I didn’t enhance the lighting, and did my very best to honestly show you the product.

On the left is my before picture. I had literally just washed my face and put on some Simple light moisturizer. Plain and simple..and scary.

On the right is my after picture. I used my Sephora small stipple brush and applied my Maskcara IIID Foundation along with my MAC mini shader brush. I followed the Maskcara diagram for diamond shaped faces, and first applied the contouring. At first I thought it may be too light for contouring, but then realized this set is all about being NATURAL looking. It’s not high-drama like most contouring foundation. The highlight side of the IIID Foundation is yellow-based and is perfect at taking redness away from the face. To be honest, I didn’t think that I had redness, but then I looked at my “before” picture! Whoa, right?!  The makeup is cream based and made me feel like I look airbrushed and not “flat” like regular foundation can make you look.

The HAC pack includes a liquid blush. I got the Shortcake color, which is a beautiful pink, and love how it looked. I just put my fingertip on the little sponge and dabbed it onto my cheeks. I’ve never used liquid blush because I’ve been too scared, but I’m totally converted. Not only is it the perfect shade of pink, but the small bottle fits perfectly in my makeup bag.

Lastly, I put the illuminizer on above my cheeks, and just had a dewy glow! I compared it to my Watt’s Up and honestly, I love them both. The Maskcara one is a liquid, and Watt’s Up is cream based, but either do a great job. I do like the slimness of the Maskcara one though because it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my makeup bag.

I wanted to see the lasting power of my makeup and actually went out sailing with my family immediately after putting on my makeup. As you can see- it still looked amazing after being out 2 hours!

All in all, I am highly impressed with the Maskcara IIID Foundation HAC Pack. I am so proud to know that another blogger has come out with such a successful product. It makes me hope that one day I can come out with something that is unique to me and my interests that people will love too!

makeup quote
courtesy of Maskcara

If you have any thoughts or questions about the Maskcara IIID Foundation HAC pack I’d be happy to answer questions or give you my opinion. Or if you have it, tell me how it works for you!

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