Every Mom’s Postpartum Survival Kit with U by Kotex

Thanks to U by Kotex for sponsoring today’s discussion and helping myself and others #savetheundies

Addison is just a couple weeks away from making her arrival. I really wanted to make a Postpartum Survival Kit that includes postpartum essentials, so I’m not straining myself too much while trying to recover. I’m not going to want to be doing much, so a postpartum survival kit just sounded like a great idea to keep me from being bored while I’m at home on bed rest. 

My sweet friend Lauren visited me at the hospital last week while I was being monitored for my high blood pressure (hence the bed rest). She brought me this PERFECT chevron basket, and I decided that I would fill it right up to get ready for my postpartum days. Postpartum care is going to be incredibly important for me, because I plan on being at the hospital a lot after being discharged. Addison should be having her surgery 1-3 days after birth, so I’ve got to get it together fast (while still taking care of myself) so I can be with her.

A postpartum survival kit is an essential for every mom. Make one for yourself or gift one to a friend! This blogger has great ideas!

What’s in my postpartum survival kit:

1. A box of  U by Kotex® AllNighter® Overnight Pads Overnight for heavy bleeding that will occur in the weeks after having Addison. Most women bleed two to six weeks postpartum, and to be honest, I want the confidence of knowing that I’m not going to mess up my clothes. The 3D Capture Core is going to be my best friend to make sure I stay confident during a time that I will most likely feel like death. I also bought an extra box of the U by Kotex® AllNighter® Overnight Padsto make padsicles. I’ve heard padsicles (although usually for women who have had vaginal deliveries) can help women who have had c-sections because the witch hazel, aloe vera, and essential oils help fight bacteria and help with healing, so I’m excited to make some to try out.
A postpartum survival kit is an essential for every mom. Make one for yourself or gift one to a friend! This blogger has great ideas! #savetheundies
2. Pain Reliever so I don’t die from the pain. Because of my c-section, I’ll have prescription pain reliever, but for those of you having a vaginal delivery, you’ll want Ibuprofen or at least something stronger than the Tylenol you were allowed to have during pregnancy.

3. Snacks are a must when in postpartum mode!  Fruits, bags of nuts, trail mix bars, and more will help me stay energized and ready to conquer the days ahead. This will be especially good so I can have snacks prepared for my long days at the NICU once Addison has her SCT surgery.
A postpartum survival kit is an essential for every mom. Make one for yourself or gift one to a friend! This blogger has great ideas! #savetheundies
4. A Reusable Water Bottle is another important thing in my kit. Staying hydrated is really important for cell regeneration to help heal, as well as keep my breast milk supply up.

5.  A nice robe for around the house is another thing I absolutely love. I plan on wearing a lot of nursing tanks and nursing bras in the beginning days, so a really nice robe will be great to keep on hand when friends and family come to visit when I’m exhausted.

6. Magazines are the last thing in my kit, and I know I’ll need these big time. I plan to be at the hospital as much as they’ll allow once Addison has her surgery. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to nurse her all the time while she heals, and my NICU has a nice room for nursing mothers to pump. Many of these days, Mathew won’t be able to be at the hospital with me to keep me company, so it’ll just be me and my friend Mr. Breast Pump sometimes. Magazines will surely help pass the time so I can just relax and do my thing.

A postpartum survival kit is an essential for every mom. Make one for yourself or gift one to a friend! This blogger has great ideas! #savetheundies

What do YOU think of my Postpartum Survival Kit ?

Visit the U by Kotex Landing page and find the samples that best fit your mission to save the undies. Click on the “Get Sample” button and enter your mailing information. Then, sit back and wait, your samples will be on their way!

Addison’s Birth Announcement Wreath

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (which, you should be already hehe) you might not have known that last week I was put into the hospital. More details to come on that later, but the gist of it all- I’ve been put on modified bed rest until Addison makes her arrival via c-section in a few weeks. Although we don’t have an induction date set yet, it could be as soon as 2-3 weeks from now, and I’m doing what I can at home to get ready. I’m not allowed to do much (I’m even not allowed to go to work), and it’s made me a little stir crazy. I got the idea that I wanted something to decorate our hospital door when Addison arrives that we could take home and put outside her nursery door. With a picture in my mind, I came up with Addison’s birth announcement wreath!

Looking for an easy tutorial on a birth announcement wreath? This one is really easy to follow!
I tried to spread out this project throughout several days just so I would actually have something to do during my bed rest and not just be done within a couple of hours. My sweet husband was so nice to let me give him a list and send him out to Hobby Lobby so I wouldn’t be bored to tears while he was at work during the week.

Here’s what I used:

10 inch styrofoam wreath
1 25 yard roll of hot pink tulle
1 yard pink swirl fabric
1 yard pink and blue damask fabric
1 inch ribbon
wooden letter A
clear monofilament illusion cord
small canvas
2 safety pins
pink paint
black paint
hot glue gun

Here’s how I did it:

1. Cut your tulle into 12-14 inch pieces (depending on how long you want the tulle to stick out from your wreath) and cut your fabric into 12-14 inch long pieces that are 2 inches wide. Make a stack of each before you get started, and it’ll be MUCH easier to do. I didn’t need the entire roll of tulle or the whole yard each of fabric, so just make a good stack to get you started and then adjust from there.

Looking for an easy tutorial on a birth announcement wreath? This one is really easy to follow!

2. Paint your letter and canvas before you begin your wreath. Put a nice coat of paint on them, set them somewhere to dry, and they should be finished by the time you complete your wreath.

3. Take one strip of tulle and wrap it around the wreath and knot it. I preferred my knots to be on top rather than the side like this DIY Tulle Wreath I made a while back. My pattern for the wreath was 2 tulle, 1 pink swirl, 2 tulle, 1 damask. The fabric is thicker than the tulle, so you’ll only be able to cross the ends and knot it once. The tulle will need to be knotted in a regular square knot. As you tie the tulle and fabric to the wreath, push them close together so you can’t see the wreath underneath.

4. Once the wreath is completed, cut about 1.5 feet of the clear monofilament illusion cord. I folded my clear cord in half, knotted it onto my letter A, and then wrapped it around my wreath. I secured the ends of the clear cord to the fabric on the BACK of my wreath with a dime size of hot glue to make sure it stayed put.

5. When my canvas was fully dry, I used a pencil to write out my words so I could have proper spacing and some kind of a guideline. I chose to write her monogram, full name, and the words “date,” “time,” “length,” and “weight.” I also used extra fabric to make tiny rosettes, and hot glued the ribbon on the back of my canvas. Then, I went over my pencil writing with black paint and a thin paint brush.

Looking for an easy tutorial on a birth announcement wreath? This one is really easy to follow!

6. Once everything was dry on my canvas, I flipped my wreath over and used a safety pin on each ribbon to connect it to the wreath. You COULD use a hot glue gun, but in my experience, it never comes out perfectly straight the first time, and you may want to adjust your ribbon. Also, the safety pins will ensure that your ribbon actually holds onto the wreath over time, especially since the canvas has a bit of weight on it.

7. When you’ve got your ribbon and canvas connected properly and securely to your wreath, use monofilament cord, ribbon, or tulle and a command hook/wreath hanger to hang your wreath up!

Looking for an easy tutorial on a birth announcement wreath? This one is really easy to follow!
So there you have it! Addison’s birth announcement wreath. I already have hung it outside her nursery door, and can’t wait to take it to the hospital! She’s going to be here really soon!

What do you think of this birth announcement wreath idea?

Babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa

Disclosure: I received complimentary accommodations to facilitate this feature of Lakeway Resort and Spa, however all opinions are my own.

Being a teacher, summertime is the perfect time for vacations. Unfortunately, with Mathew’s job, it’s not always easy to get time off to go on a vacation that isn’t just a weekend trip. With Addison on the way and with our August completely booked up, I really wanted to have one last big vacation with Mathew before Addison came. I researched several places in Texas to babymoon, but I just kept coming back to Lakeway Resort and Spa. Being from the coast, I’m always drawn to places with water, and once I heard they had 3 pools that overlooked Lake Travis, I was hooked. When I mentioned a babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa (and showed him pictures from their website), Mathew’s eyes lit up and we made our plans to have a relaxing time with each other before Addison gets here.

The term “babymoon” is a relatively new one, and before I got pregnant I said, “That’s such a stupid word! I’ll never say that!” but here I am. A babymoon is “a relaxing/romantic vacation that parents-to-be take before their baby is born,” and that was exactly our objective when deciding on a place to visit. Taking a babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa just sounded like a no-brainer!

Thinking of going on a babymoon in Texas? Babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa! This blogger talks about all of the fun and relaxing things for parents-to-be to do!

Check in time at Lakeway Resort and Spa is at 4 pm, so Mathew and I spent our morning at home just leisurely working on Addison’s nursery and packing for our trip. What I loved about our trip to Lakeway Resort and Spa was that it was only an hour and a half away from us. Lakeway is a suburb of Austin, and I needed a place that wouldn’t require too much traveling (potty breaks, anyone?). It was the perfect distance away from home so we wouldn’t have to worry about traveling all day, but far enough away that we felt secluded from our regular daily lives- both things that were of big importance to us.

Thinking of planning a babymoon? This blogger tells you all about her trip to Lakeway Resort and Spa!

We arrived at Lakeway Resort and Spa around 4:30, which was the BEST time to arrive, and let me tell you why. After driving up and getting taken care of by valet, we were able to go inside and leisurely check in. Although there was a conference at the resort at the same time as our stay, we honestly never noticed the people. We didn’t have a long line to wait in, and were assisted to our room very quickly. Inside our room was a really sweet welcome snack and note that made us right at home. Lakeway Resort and Spa just renovated their rooms for guests, and our Lakeside room was the perfect size and had a great view of Lake Travis.

Thinking of planning a babymoon? This blogger tells you all about her trip to Lakeway Resort and Spa!

The hotel staff notified us at check in that Lakeway Resort and Spa has a daily happy hour from 5-6 pm with free drinks and appetizers for their guests. Of course, this made Mathew and I really excited (he likes the drinks, I like the snacks!) We changed, went downstairs, and helped ourselves to delicious hors d’oeuvres/drinks. The bartender was really sweet and offered me various juices and sodas since I couldn’t have an alcoholic drink, which I really appreciated. Although there was seating inside Masterson’s bar, we decided to take in the great view of the lake and take cocktail hour outside on the balcony. It really was a great way to kick off our stay there. We made sure to visit happy hour each night for the duration of our stay, and it was just a nice way to relax and spend time talking.

Lakeway Resort and Spa offers free happy hour to guests every day from 5-6 pm!  If you're looking for a babymoon in Texas, Lakeway Resort and Spa is the place to go!Mostly during our time at Lakeway Resort and Spa, we really just took time to relax at the pool. Lakeway Resort and Spa’s pool complex features three swimming pools (Sunset pool, Whirlpool, and Kids Pool), a swim-up bar, heated whirlpool, and outdoor pool deck with cabanas and lounge chairs. Mathew and I hung out in the Sunset Pool, which has the swim-up bar and is separated from the Kids Pool. Although Lakeway Resort and Spa is a family vacation spot, Mathew and I felt as if we were on a honeymoon during our babymoon because there were never any children at the pool that we were at sine the Sunset Pool requires swimmers to be 18 and up. The Kids Pool is close by, but far enough away that you don’t hear screaming children running around. It was DIVINE. 

With 3 pools, swim up bar, and separate kids pool, Lakeway Resort and Spa is a great destination for a babymoon trip in Texas!

Mathew and I made good friends with the bartender (don’t worry- I stuck to Shirley Temples) and he really made our time in the pools more enjoyable. We loved it so much that we even ordered burgers from Masterson’s (the restaurant on site) and had them brought down to the pool for us to have lunch one day. Lakeway Resort and Spa also allows cabana rentals at the pool  which I saw several families taking advantage of while we were down there.

Our first night at Lakeway Resort and Spa, Mathew and I checked out Masterson’s Restaurant and ate to our hearts’ content. And when I say we ate…we ATE. I gave y’all a preview of our meal on Instagram with Mathew’s Molasses Glazed Texas Quail, but our meal didn’t stop there. I had Prime Filet Mignon with Truffle Herb Butter and Truffle Whipped Potatoes. As much as I wanted to eat the whole thing, I didn’t, because we saved room for the Skillet Baked Sweetwater Peaches with Streussel Topping and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Everything we had was AMAZING!

Thinking of planning a babymoon? This blogger tells you all about her trip to Lakeway Resort and Spa!

We were SO full by the end of our meal, and my feet were KILLING me because they’d started to swell over the course of the past couple of days, and although Masterson’s is on site and a very short walk from our room, I couldn’t hack it and asked the restaurant manager if he could get someone to come get us. He quickly called someone from valet who drove over on a large golf cart and drove us back. I was SO thankful that they saved me! Being pregnant in high heels is NOT an easy task. That small gesture from the staff really made my night!

Our final day at Lakeway Resort and Spa was another relaxing day spent in our Lakeside room, had breakfast in bed, and enjoyed time at the pool. Our room was so comfortable that we actually spent time just relaxing/napping, but we could’ve easily gone golfing, sailing, or spent time on the lake via the marina if we wanted.

Mathew and I took it easy all day and then asked the Concierge for a great place to dine out. Lakeway Resort and Spa isn’t far from town, and we found a nice pizza joint nearby. When we got back, I told Mathew I’d seen that the resort sold bags filled with supplies to make s’mores by the pool. There is a large pit in between the Sunset Pool and the Kid Pool with chairs around it at night, and there were SO many families enjoying time together just roasting marshmallows over the fire for s’mores and watching the movie of the evening, Ice Age, at the Kids Zone.

Lakeway Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas is a great babymoon vacation spot! Love how they offer s'mores bags at night to make over the fire by the pool!

I thought this was a BRILLIANT idea on the resorts’ part, and Mathew and I bought 2 bags of s’mores supplies so we could have 2 s’mores each. Talking by the fire, getting sticky from fluffy marshmallows, and just enjoying life with my husband- it was honestly the perfect ending to our night. I ended up soaking my poor, swollen feet in the whirlpool, and then headed to bed with a happy tummy and a full heart.

Lakeway Resort and Spa in Austin, Texas is a great babymoon vacation spot! Love how they offer s'mores bags at night to make over the fire by the pool!

Overall, our babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa was honestly the best trip we’d taken in a while. It felt SO good to just relax and take time to spend focusing on each other, and it made me fall even more in love with my amazing husband. I am so thankful that we had the time to go! If you are currently expecting, I highly recommend taking a babymoon to just de-stress and take your worries away. Our babymoon at Lakeway Resort and Spa was a god-send and I have not felt so content in a while.

Thinking of planning a babymoon? This blogger tells you all about her trip to Lakeway Resort and Spa!

Right now, Lakeway Resort and Spa has their August Rush room rate offer with rates starting at $99* (per night, Sun – Thurs) and $189* (per night, Fri & Sat) from August 3 – 28, 2014.

They also have San Saba Spa specials during August:

  • Cleanse and Buff – $180
    Buff away old skin with Renewing Mango Scrub and renew your skin’s healthy glow with Detoxifying Moor Mud Wrap
  • Restful Revitalization – $130
    Revitalize your look with our replenishing facial and show off your eyes with an eyelash and eyebrow tint
  • Rockin’ Relaxation – $110
    For this month only, enjoy our popular Colorado River Rock Massage for 50 heavenly minutes
  • Back to School
    Make an impression when you take 10% off haircuts and mani/pedi services so you can look your best for back to school! Prices vary. See spa menu.

For family fun, the new Kid Zone offers new bounce houses with obstacle course and dual slides and a variety of activities to keep the kids busy. The Kid Zone is an indoor recreational area with a supervised, fun staff that will gladly take care of the kids for a few hours.

If you’re looking for a place to have a babymoon in Texas, I highly recommend Lakeway Resort and Spa. We plan to return in the near future as a family of 3, and I’m so glad to know that they offer wonderful accomodations for families.