Date Night with P.F. Chang’s Small Plates and Wine Flights

Thank you P.F. Chang’s for sponsoring today’s discussion and for the tasty date night!

Mathew and I have had incredibly busy schedules the past 2 weeks. We went on a babymoon to Lakeway Resort and Spa in Austin, stayed at the Hotel Derek in Houston a couple days later so we could go to Texas Children’s for our fetal MRI on Addison, and just a couple days after that found ourselves in Dallas for the night at P.F. Changs.

Have you heard about the new small plates and wine flights at PF Chang's? The Vintage Modern Wife is talking date night on the blog!

We vowed after Houston that we wouldn’t be traveling any more until Addison arrived, but somehow I was able to convince Mathew to take me on one last big date night at P.F. Chang’s to try out their new Small Plates and their Wine Flights menu items that are exclusive to Dallas locations. Mathew had never been to P.F. Changs, and I’d only been once before, so although he was hesitant to drive to Dallas on a weeknight, he took me.

PF Chang's new small bites and wine flights has 3 delicious small plates with 3 complementing wines!

We arrived at the Arlington Highlands location and didn’t have to wait at all to get seated. I am SO thankful for that because we’d gotten there a little after 8 and were SO hungry. Mathew will even tell you that he got pretty hangry on me. Um, aren’t I supposed to be the crazy, hormonal one? We were greeted by our awesome server, Ashlyn, and the manager, Elroy. Can I brag about them? They were AWESOME and made sure we loved everything. Ashlyn was incredibly knowledgeable and told us all about the Wine Flights menu. Since I’m the pregnant one, Mathew decided to try the Small Bites and Wine Flights, and I had my eye on a couple of the new small plates on the menu.

Ever heard of edamame hummus?  Try it out now at your local PF Chang's Dallas locations- part of their small plates menu!

We didn’t have to wait long at ALL (maybe 5 minutes) and all of our food started coming out to the table. I’m not going to lie- our whole table was COVERED in food- it was a pregnant lady’s dream. The Small Bites and Wine Flights included Edamame Hummus served with crisp plantain chips, crunchy and creamy Crab Wontons, and a spicy Tempura Shrimp Hand Roll. Each of the 3 “bites” came with a glass of wine that Mathew said were paired PERFECTLY. He’s kind of a wine snob because he used to taste and sell wines when he worked at H-E-B, and said, “Whoever created this KNEW what they were doing.” Um, duh! His Small Bites and Wine Flights also came with a paper that talked about the food and wine pairings, and Ashlyn informed us that there were QR codes on the paper so we could learn even MORE about the wine pairings. I’m a technology nerd, so that made me excited!

Have you tried the Jicama Pork Tacos from PF Chang's? They're part of their new small plates menu now at Dallas locations!

I also ordered Handmade Pork Dumplings (not pictured) and these delicious Jicama Pork Tacos (above) to add to our tasting. We just chatted, shared the 5 plates tapas style, and agreed that this was some of the best food we’d had at a chain restaurant! My particular favorite was the Edamame Hummus with the plantains. I enjoy hummus from time to time, and I like the occasional edamame with my dinner, but oh my GOSH it was DELICIOUS. P.F. Chang’s twist on hummus is a signature blend of fresh edamame, sesame seeds, ginger and a hint of chili. I kept telling Mathew it was “terrible” so he would let me eat it, but he wasn’t buying it. Did you see my excitement about it on Instagram?

Try the new Small Bites and Wine Flights now at all Dallas PF Chang's locations! 3 small plates each paired perfectly with wine!We literally cleaned off EVERY plate on our table, and ordered a Vietnamese Cinnamon latte from their new Lattes On The Go menu, and were practically converted from Starbucks fans to P.F. Chang’s latte fans. HOLY COW! I’m not lying- it was SO good, and went amazingly with the Banana Spring Rolls we ordered for dessert. Everything was delicious and we were thrilled that it all came out pretty fast. It’s not often that we travel somewhere JUST for dinner, but this was well worth it. It was so worth it, in fact, that when we left, Mathew said “Ok I have something to say to you….you were RIGHT.” P.F. Chang’s for the win!

Not only can you try the Wine Flights on Wednesdays at P.F. Changs, but to further showcase its new dishes and décor, P.F. Chang’s is enticing guests to stop in and experience the flavors of its menu with an extended happy hour and free sushi sampling. To make things even BETTER, P.F. Chang’s is hosting a contest called “Spark Something New.”

Enter the PF Changs Spark Something New contest for your chance to win the ULTIMATE happy hour experience. Details here!

The contest will run from July 29th through September 15th. A winner will be chosen at the end of the campaign. Each participant will have the opportunity to win a 4-course pairing dinner including new small plates and sushi for 8. Participants must be 21 or over to enter. To enter, visit the P.F. Chang’s contest page and submit an original fortune sharing your love for happy hour.

Submission examples:
• “A wise man once said: Asian food craves craft brews.”
• “The object of your desire lives on the P.F. Chang’s happy hour menu.”
• “You will have a pleasant surprise when pairing beer and Asian food in one delicious bite.”
• “Now is the time to try something new, like Sam Adams Seasonal and Chicken Lettuce Wraps at P.F. Chang’s.”

All in all we had a wonderful Wednesday Date Night at P.F. Chang’s for their Small Plates and Wine Flights. With amazing food, wonderful staff, and a cute husband, I had a great night. If you’re in the Dallas area, go check out the new P.F. Chang’s menu items on Wednesday nights!

Halo Bassinest Giveaway

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The Best Pink Baby Shower

Sorry for the absence the past couple days. I’ve been back home to Corpus for my first baby shower for Addison! It was such a fun and crazy weekend, and the shower was so beautiful and a ton of fun. My mom, sisters, and cousin threw it together, and I have to say, it was the best pink baby shower you ever did see.

I told my sisters (before we found out Addison was a girl) that if I was going to have a girl, there was going to be pink, pink, and MORE pink in her life…and I wasn’t joking. Once we had our gender reveal party, my family got together and started brainstorming for the best pink baby shower a girl could ask for. With secret Pinterest boards, sneaky questions, and lots of planning, they came up with such a fun shower for Addison and I. We had a blast.

This Instagram sign is PERFECT at the guest book table for a pink baby shower for a girl! Love it

We had a beautiful dessert table with rice krispy treats, cupcakes, pretzel rods, granola, and my favorite mexican cookie- pan de polvo.

This pink baby shower for The Vintage Modern Wife is too cute! Love this dessert table!

These pink chocolate covered rice krispy treats are perfect for a pink baby shower for a girl!

These pink chocolate covered pretzel rods are perfect for a pink baby shower for a girl!

Love this tower of pink and yellow cupcakes for a pink baby shower for a girl!

Homemade pan de polvo are the best little cookies for a baby shower.

We made a copycat recipe of Neiman Marcus’ chicken salad for sandwiches and had all kinds of other goodies for everyone to eat for lunch (including some fruit kabobs that aren’t pictured- my mom and I worked hard on those haha).

This sandwich spread for The Vintage Modern Wife's pink baby shower looks delicious! Definitely a good shower idea

My sister, Arlene, came up with some great games for the shower, because anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE shower games. I mean, who doesn’t love to win stuff? She also made these bags below with the prizes. The winners of the baby shower games had to draw a number from the container and it would tell what prize bag they won.

These prize bags at the pink baby shower for The Vintage Modern Wife are so adorable. Love that the winners have to draw their number to make it fair!

Guess the number of gumballs in the baby bottle. An easy baby shower game!

Baby Bingo and Scratch Off the Bottle games were a huge hit at this pink baby shower. These baby shower games are easy and fun!

I tried to go around and sit with everyone for a little bit and chat. My poor feet had been swollen all day from shopping the day before, so I tried to stay off them as much as possible at the shower. We had a good chunk of our family and friends come to the shower, which was great! I hadn’t seen several of the family members in a while, and my friend Sarah (below) and I hadn’t seen each other in over a year at LEAST. We’ve been best friends since the 1st grade!

My best friend Sarah and I at the shower

Family having a great time at the baby shower

Family having a great time at the baby shower

Family having a great time at the baby shower

Mom and I at the baby shower

Grandma and Aunt Nelda at the baby shower

After the games, my sisters suggested that we take pictures at the photo booth that my mom and dad put together. My sister, Arlene, made all the cute props, and everyone had a blast. I won’t put all the photo booth pictures, but just a few of my favorites. I plan on sending out a photo booth picture with each thank you card that I mail out.

A photo booth for a baby shower is a great baby shower idea! Print out the pictures for your guests and send them with their thank you card!

A photo booth for a baby shower is a great baby shower idea! Print out the pictures for your guests and send them with their thank you card!

A photo booth for a baby shower is a great baby shower idea! Print out the pictures for your guests and send them with their thank you card!

A photo booth for a baby shower is a great baby shower idea! Print out the pictures for your guests and send them with their thank you card!

Once all the photo booth pictures were taken, it was time for gifts! I couldn’t wait to see all the cute stuff that everyone had so sweetly given for Addison. We were ABUNDANTLY blessed with cute clothes, nursery decorations, and the essentials. So much pink! Of course, I have a billion more pictures, but here’s just a few of the sweet gifts Addison got.

Love this Disney set of onesies from the Vintage Modern Wife baby shower

Giving a gift basket is a perfect baby shower gift for a mom-to-be

Love this sweet baby dress for baby's first Sunday at church!

Lots of presents at a beautiful pink baby shower

This sweet baby blanket is SO unique and creative. It's a perfect baby shower gift!

At the end of the party, all of the guests went home with adorable shower loofahs that my cousin, Kristina, put together. They were a hit and I love that they were a practical gift. Everyone uses loofahs!

This loofah baby shower favor is such a great idea! It's adorable and practical!

All in all, the shower was a huge success and was SO much fun. I am so thankful to have such wonderful family and friends by my side that love Addison and I so much! We are truly, truly blessed.

What was your favorite part of this baby shower?